Influencer Sapna Gill arrested for hitting Prithvi Shaw’s BMW with baseball bat: New footage emerges

Cricketer Prithvi Shaw got involved in a road rage case last night and the videos of the incident have started coming out. After Mumbai Police released a statement on how they have registered a case against 8 people for attacking a BMW car in which the cricketer was travelling, videos of the incident have started coming out.

One of the videos shows the influencer Sapna Gill chasing a BMW X5 on the roads and talking on the phone to her friends. She can be heard calling her friends towards Goregaon while recording the video. In the video, she says that the guy driving the BMW X5 crashed against a scooter and continued driving.

Another video shows Prithvi Shaw snatching a baseball bat from a lady, which is likely to be Sapna Gill, who was involved in the ruckus. The police have registered a case against 8 people involved in the incident. The police are yet to talk about the involvement of alcohol in the incident.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Anil Paraskar, said,

“An offence was registered in Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai under the sections of unlawful assembly, extortion and other sections. The accused damaged the car of the complainant and then demanded Rs 50,000 to let go of the matter. One accused arrested and efforts are underway to nab others,” 

The incident started in Mumbai’s Sahara Star Hotel’s Mansion Club. Prithvi Shaw was at dinner when a few people including Sapna Gill approached him for a selfie. However,  he denied the request when they came back the second time. According to the reports, after an altercation, the manager escorted the people of the hotel who waited outside for Prithvi Shaw.

Influencer Sapna Gill arrested for hitting Prithvi Shaw’s BMW with baseball bat: New footage emerges

When Prithvi Shaw came out in his friend’s BMW X5, they attacked him and the car with a baseball bat. Prithvi Shaw was made to leave the spot in a different car. However, the group, which Sapna Gill was a part of started chasing the friend’s car. They stopped the car again outside a petrol pump and vandalised it.

Sapna Gill reportedly demanded Rs 50,000 from Prithvi Shaw to resolve the. matter on the spot. The police came to the spot as we can see in the video. More details are awaited.

This is not the first incident of vandalising a car. In the past, we have seen numerous incidents where road rage or other matters turn into full-blown car vandalising. Many celebrities have been attacked before as well and that is why many state police forces provide a team for the safety of the celebrities.

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