Innova Crysta hits 9300 units in July — Why is it a still such a BIG hit

Innova Crysta hits 9300 units in July — Why is it a still such a BIG hit

The Innova Crysta has been making waves since it was introduced in the Indian market. In July 2017, Toyota sold 9,300 units of the Crysta, something that it hasn’t done anywhere else in the world. The Crysta was launched close to a year ago and since then it has been selling consistently. Here are 5 reasons why the Crysta is doing so well.

No REAL competition

Innova Touring Sport

The Innova Crysta has no real competition. If you are in the market for a premium people mover, there is nothing that comes close to the Crysta. The versatility, space and comfort offered by the Crysta is unmatched by any other vehicle on sale in this segment. It also comes with the legendary Toyota reliability and great after-sales service, making it a no-brainer for many.

Has wider appeal than ever before

Toyota Innova Crysta 43

Over the last year, Toyota has improved its model line up to suit many more people. There now are a total of 3 engine options and two transmission options to choose from. Those wanting a diesel manual get a 2.4 liter engine making 148 Bhp and 343 Nm.

The diesel automatic is a 2.8 liter unit making 172 Bhp and 360 Nm. This is the same engine that is on offer on the Fortuner as well. In addition to this, there is also a petrol 2.7 liter which produces
164 Bhp and 245 Nm, which can be had with either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission.

People who drive less can opt for the petrol version. People who want a chauffeur all the time but run a lot can opt for the diesel manual and those wanting a mix of both can opt for the diesel automatic. To sum it up, the Innova Crysta has something to offer almost everyone.

Attractive even to SUV buyers

Toyota Innova Crysta 40

A lot of SUV buyers are now opting for the Crysta because of the MPV’s ground clearance, comfort, image and even for that matter performance. Based on a body-on-ladder chassis, the Crysta can take a fair bit of beating, and this makes is quite tough. As buyers of compact SUVs expand their families, a vehicle such as the Innova Crysta makes a lot of sense even for personal car buyers.

Feature rich and premium


For the first time, you can call the Innova a premium product. It now offers a lot of creature comforts as well. For starters, it now looks good. The headlamps are now LED projector units. It now has LED ambient lighting inside, a digital rear AC panel (top end model) and the whole cabin has also been spruced up. You now get 7 airbags, navigation, stability control and keyless go. The Innova has always been a mundane people mover but with the Crysta, they have upped the ante in terms of luxury.

Good value for money

Toyota Innova Crysta Touring Sport 1

Like we mentioned above, the Innova Crysta is a lot more grown up and much more sophisticated now. This attracts a new buyer profile. Those who want a family car can now look at the Crysta instead of the sedans in this segment. The Crysta now looks the part, especially with the Touring kit it now offers, is well loaded in terms of equipment and has good engine options as well, which means it can cater to a larger audience than the Innova it replaced. Unlike the previous generation Innova, this one is quite interesting to be in and drive as well, making it a winner. Prices range from Rs 13.31 lakh for the petrol base to Rs 20.78 lakh for the top end diesel automatic.