Innova Crysta starts rolling back after driver forgets to engage handbrake: Biker jumps in and stops car [Video]

In the past, we have witnessed several videos where the carelessness of drivers has led to accidents on the road. In most cases, people either drive recklessly or get distracted by something. We have come across several videos in which people miraculously escape from such brutal accidents. It seems that people are not only careless while driving but also while parking their vehicles. Here, we have a video that demonstrates how the timely intervention of a biker saved a parked Toyota Innova from crashing into other cars or pedestrians.

The entire incident was captured on a roadside CCTV camera. In this video, we can observe a busy road with cars parked alongside and in front of the shops. The incident took place in Kottakal town, Malappuram district, Kerala. On the top left-hand side of the screen, you can see a parked Toyota Innova Crysta. The driver had stopped in front of the bank for some work while his family members remained inside the car. Unfortunately, the driver forgot to engage the handbrake or parking brake in the MPV.

After the driver left, the car slowly began to roll backward. As mentioned earlier, it was parked on the side of a busy road. The co-passenger was standing outside, but when she noticed the car rolling back, she opened the door and attempted to stop it. However, the car quickly gained speed, and the co-passenger couldn’t keep up with it. Moreover, the person must have become frightened as there were numerous vehicles on the road.

Innova Crysta starts rolling back after driver forgets to engage handbrake: Biker jumps in and stops car [Video]
Biker running to stop Innova Crysta

The steering of the Innova Crysta was turned to the right, causing the car to roll back and cross to the opposite side of the road. While the car was rolling back, there weren’t many vehicles on the road. P Sudheesh, the biker who witnessed the incident, immediately noticed the driverless Innova Crysta rolling back. Sudheesh promptly got off his bike and rushed towards the Innova Crysta. He opened the door and immediately pulled the parking brake.

It is unclear whether the car was automatic or not because Sudheesh quickly drove the car forward after entering and brought it to a stop. It’s also uncertain whether there were other occupants in the car when the accident occurred or if it was only the co-passenger who was on the other side of the road. Shortly after the MPV came to a halt, bystanders gathered around the car to ensure everyone was safe.

Sudheesh’s timely intervention prevented a major accident involving the car. Surprisingly, the Innova did not collide with any other vehicles on the road. When parking a car, it’s important to engage the parking brake. If you’re stopping the car on a slope, make sure to turn the wheel away from the road to prevent it from rolling onto the road in case of a rollback. You can also engage the gear if you want to park the vehicle anywhere. In the case of an automatic car, shift the gear lever to “P” and never leave it in “Neutral” to avoid such accidents.