Innova Crysta with DC Design’s ‘brand new lounge’ is TOTAL luxury

DC Design is back, with a brand new lounge for the best-selling Toyota Innova Crysta. Already one of the most comfortable MPVs in India, the Innova Crysta with DC’s latest lounge is next level luxury. Here are all the pictures and details.

DC Design Innova Crysta New Lounge 2

What’s the Innova Lounge First all about?

In a nutshell, every DC lounge aims to completely revamp the car’s interiors, making it very opulent and comfortable. The new ‘Lounge First’ for the Innova Crysta is not different. The stock Crysta’s interiors have been completely stripped and the 7/8 seat layout has been altered.

Instead of retaining 5/6 seats behind the driver, DC has chosen to make do with only 2 seats. This means, you get two business class seats instead of the regular 5/6 seats of the Innova. In the process, the leg-room goes up many fold and DC gets enough space to add many more luxury features.

Tell me about it…

DC Design Innova Crysta New Lounge 1

Wrapped with tan leather, the two business-class airline style seats also recline to a great degree, thereby promising big luxury and comfort to the passengers. Up front, there are fold out tables which come into play when the passengers feel like snacking or lunching. You also have a full fledged entertainment system that can be completely customized. The floor gets a wood finish, mimicking high-end homes.

DC Design Innova Crysta New Lounge 3

The interior bits on the doors and ceilings have been replaced with more luxurious materials such as wood and leather. There are dedicated reading lamps on the ceiling, which also gets a Rolls Royce-style starlit finish. Then there’s a partition between the driver and passenger cabins, giving passengers complete privacy.  The driver’s cabin can also be customized to varying degrees of comfort, depending on the owner’s budget.

How much?

DC Design Innova Crysta New Lounge 4

The DC lounge begins at Rs 4.95 lakhs and the costs rise depending upon what options you choose. This cost is over and above that of the car. If you do intend to get this conversion done, we suggest that you choose a base model on the Crysta as you are anyways going to strip it down and change everything.

DC Design Innova Crysta New Lounge 5