Businessmen turn five Toyota Innova MPVs, Etios sedans into ambulances with oxygen [Video]

The failed healthcare system of many states during the second wave of COVID-19 in Indis not a secret anymore. While the already stressed healthcare system is reeling and breaking down under the pressure of infectious disease, most citizens are doing everything they can to save lives.

There are many who cannot reach the hospital on time or have to shell out an extreme amount of money for an ambulance because there is a dearth of them. People are helping by converting their personal cars into ambulances and help the patients. Some time ago, we told you that six friends from Kota, Rajasthan were helping the COVID-19 patients by providing free oxygen outside the hospitals. Here is another story from Madhya Pradesh where businessmen have turned their Toyota Innova MPV and Etios into ambulances.

In the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh, a young businessman has turned five Toyota Innova MPVs into ambulances to help the COVID patients. The ambulances have a partition inside the cabin to keep the driver safe.

Businessmen turn five Toyota Innova MPVs, Etios sedans into ambulances with oxygen [Video]

All five ambulances are in service and also have oxygen cylinder to ensure that the patients get the treatment on their way to the hospital. The decision to turn the Innova into ambulances come after they noticed that the hospitals and ambulance operators are charging too much to provide services during this pandemic. Since the area from where they belong is not so developed, they have decided to convert the cars to ambulances.

Discounted price

The ambulances do not charge extra money from the patients. Since these ambulances mostly serve the economically weaker sections of society, they only charge the service cost. Currently, with five ambulances, they are able to provide services to the people of the area. However, they have said that if the need arises, more cars will be converted to ambulances in the future. The area is located in a remote location, which is 70km a

There are many who are going the extra mile to help each other in this time of crisis. As we told earlier, a group of six friends have converted four of their vehicles into oxygen centres. They provide free oxygen to anyone who needs it.

Many others have started delivering oxygen cylinders, helping the COVID-19 affected patients by delivering essentials and other important products to them. In an inspiring story that happened last month, a person from Bokaro drove to Noida to deliver oxygen for his friend. After the oxygen availability in Delhi-NCR was affected due to the shortage of supply, the Bokaro man drove 1,400 km to deliver oxygen.

There are many such inspiring stories from all around the country and we are sure that you know a few of them too. Do share them in the comments section below to inspire more people.