INSANE police bikes of the world

Everyone keeps talking about the exotic police cars that various countries posses, but no one talks about their bikes. Here are some insane police bikes from across the world.

BMW R 1200 RT

UK, Hong Kong and a few states in the US

bmw r 1200

The BMW R1200 RT is one of the most common police bikes across the world. It is a sport-tourer from BMW. The UK, Hong Kong and some states of the US police departments use the RT. Powering the RT is a 1170 cc engine producing 125 Bhp and 125 Nm. The bike has an option of Dynamic riding modes that allows you to change between road and rain settings. The 1200 provides a comfortable riding position, which is what makes it easy to ride.

Honda ST1100

Abu Dhabi,UK and Australia 

abu dhabi

Though an old bike, the ST1100 is still being used by the Abu Dhabi, UK and Australia police departments. The ST is also a sports tourer and is also known as the Pan-European. Powering it is a 1084 cc engine making 101.4 Bhp and 111 Nm.

Harley Davidson Electra Glide



How can we talk about the American police and not mention the Harley. Harley has 3 bikes on offer for the police force, depending upon their requirements. This is the Electra Glide. It is powered by a 1690 cc producing 142 Nm. It is a single seater with a pannier box at the back for storage. This bike has got fairing upfront and that is the only thing differentiating it from the Road King. This added fairing also makes the Electra a little heavier than the Road King.

Harley Davidson Road King



The Road King is similar to the Electra Glide when it comes to the powertrain department. So it has the same 1690 cc engine producing 142 Nm. It has a windshield, but there is no fairing on the bike, thus making it lighter than the Electra Glide.

Harley Davidson XL 883 L


harley 883


The 883 is one of the smaller bikes that Harley makes. The name comes from the 883 cc engine that powers this bike. It produces 73 Nm. A few states in the US use this bike for patrolling.

Victory Commander I



Since the country is so wide spread, the police bikes vary between states.  So where some choose the Harleys, others opt for the Victorys. There are two types of colour themes available on this Commander, one a normal and the other a full blacked out one christened ‘Stealth’. Power comes from a 1737 cc engine making 97 Bhp and 161 Nm. This bike is a massive cruiser and is custom made only for the police.

Victory Vision



The Vision is another bike that Victory makes only for the Police department. The bike gets the same 1737 cc engine that is on the Commander I. It makes the same 97 Bhp and 161 Nm. The main difference between the two bikes are the way they look.

Zero Motorcycles MMX stealth

Las Angeles Police Deparment (LAPD)


LAPD has recently added a MMC electric motorcycle to their fleet as a pilot program. It will be used for both on and off-road surveillance. The advantage of the bike is that it can wade through water 3.2 feet deep. It does 0-100 in 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 136 kmph. It comes equipped with the largest battery pack, enabling it to run for two hours.

Yamaha XJ 900

Singapore, Indonesia 


The Yamaha XJ 900 is used in most South East Asian countries for patrolling. It is a sports tourer powered by a 892 cc engine making 88 Bhp and 83.50 Nm. The bike features a high windshield to provide protection from wind and bad weather.

Yamaha FJR 1300

UK, France, Australia 

yamaha fjr

The FJR 1300 is the flagship bike from Yamaha that does police duties in various European countries. It is powered by a 1300 cc engine producing  144 Bhp and 138 Nm. This high performance bike has a lot of equipment which is useful while patrolling. The wind deflector is electronically adjustable which allows for protection at higher speeds. The rear bumper has a fire extinguisher holder (fire extinguisher is optional).

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