Insane rider on Honda CBR 250R sportsbike gets saved by inches [Video]

Rash driving or riding on the Indian roads is one of the main causes behind the accidents. Yet there are many who prefer to ride rashly on the public roads and put themselves and others in dangers. Here is a video of a Honda CBR 250R  where the rider gets saves after riding at insane speeds on the roads.

The video, which has been forwarded to us on WhatsApp has been taken from the helmet-mounted camera of the Honda CBR 250R rider. The exact location or the identity of the rider is not known though. The video shows that the Honda CBR 250R rider is taking a sharp corner at a very high speed. The camera catches a glimpse of the speedometer that indicated a speed of 103 km/h on the turn, which seems to be way above the legal speed limit on the road.

The video shows that the rider takes the turn and suddenly a Tata Sumo comes to stop on the right-hand side of the road.  Since the Honda CBR 250R rider was at a high speed, he could not bring the bike to stop before the Sumo. Also, the left-hand side of the Sumo was empty, however, due to the high speed of the biker, the rider could not maneuver properly and avoid the car.

Insane rider on Honda CBR 250R sportsbike gets saved by inches [Video]

The result was quite dramatic. The rider squeezed through the Sumo and the concrete divider of the road and somehow managed to maintain the balance. He did hit the Sumo on the way and it can be heard and seen in the video too. However, somehow, the rider was able to go through it without falling down. Just after crossing the heart-stopping incident, the rider can be seen accelerating in the video again.

A rider coming behind the Honda CBR 250R followed the same path on his Yamaha YZF-R15 but he could not squeeze the bike in the space. Resultantly, he crashed badly into the Sumo and was severely injured. However, since the rider was wearing the protective gears, nothing much happened to him.

Riding on the public roads

While there is a dearth of race tracks in India, riding in such a way on the public roads can result in fatal accidents. The urge to ride fast on the empty roads and utilise the power of the bikes is quite understandable but one should always follow the speed limits. Indian roads are full of surprises and there are numerous obstacles that can just appear out of nowhere. This is why one should always be in control of the situation and be inside the prescribed speed limits to ensure that chances of meeting with an accident can go down.

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