INSANE Royal Enfield Bullet crash at high speed shows how unpredictable Indian roads are [Video]

Here is some footage from an action cam of a Royal Enfield rider that shows how unpredictable our country’s roads are. Moreover, this video also goes on to show the importance of using proper riding gear and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.

Start watching from 1:15.

The video starts with a Royal Enfield Desert Storm motorcycle being ridden at high speeds (above 100 kmph) on a multi-lane highway. From the lighting conditions, it’s clearly evident that the video has been shot either during dawn or dusk (the latter, most probably). Things go wrong soon after the motorcyclist keeps riding at the high speed even after riding into a semi-urban setting.

Suddenly, there’s a noise and the rider flies off his motorcycle. Initially. it’s tough to note the cause of this sudden crash but the video then shows the entire episode in slow motion. Watch carefully as a stray dog comes in the way of the Royal Enfield and the motorcycle crashes into the poor thing. The video clearly shows the rider not even touching the brake lever, which points out at his inability to spot the animal due to poor lighting. The entire mishap happened in a split of a second.

The rider flies off the bike and slides on the road a fair bit before coming to a stop. However, he is rather quick to get up, probably shaken and still unsure of what happened. The rider isn’t badly injured as he walks to the side of the road and takes off his helmet and the gloves. His riding gear has clearly protected him from getting badly injured. As seen earlier, the Royal Enfield was clearly being ridden at speeds in excess of 100 kmph.

It’s a really pleasant surprise to see the rider easily walking away from the crash site. Sadly, the poor stray animal lost his life in this crash. There are a couple of things working in favour of the rider here. One is the usage of riding gear and other is the fact that he wasn’t run over by any of the trucks that were only a few meters away from him.

We are really happy to know that the rider hasn’t sustained any serious injury. However, it’s a clear display of what can go wrong when riding above the speed limit, especially when the visibility is so low. We urge all our readers to ride slowly in poor weather/light conditions. Also, one should always slow down a fair bit whenever passing through a town or a village. There are higher chances of stray animals and even pedestrians crossing the road at such places.