Stunting on a Royal Enfield, holding the national flag, breaking the law: 3-in-One!

Stunting on a Royal Enfield, holding the national flag, breaking the law: 3-in-One!

Royal Enfield motorcycles are heavy, and stable. This is also why the Indian Army’s stunt teams use it for some very interesting stunts and formations. Taking stunting on a Royal Enfield to an all-new level, a man from Punjab has been caught on video, performing some really insane, and obviously illegal stunts on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. And all the stunts have been performed on public roads, with traffic around, and at high speed. Here’s the video.

While the stunter shows his patriotism by proudly carrying the Indian tricolour while performing many stunts on the Royal Enfield, it’s still very illegal to put other road users in peril. The stunter is doing high speeds while performing most stunts, and also comes dangerously close to many other vehicles on the road. There’s no safety gear being worn as well. One wrong move, and the stunter could easily lose his life or be maimed for life.

Then there’s the question of getting no insurance in case of an accident. Insurance companies clearly specify that claims would be voided for damages to vehicle and injuries/death due to stunts/racing. And of course, stunting on public roads amounts to dangerous riding/driving, and is ILLEGAL. It’s also punishable by law. Cops can go to the extent of banning you from riding/driving for life by recommending license cancellation to the RTO.

There are better ways to show stunting talent!

  1. Find an empty parking lot or a closed off section of the road, and stunt as much as you want. This is a safe way to stunt without putting other road users at risk.
  2. Always wear safety gear as stunts can easily go wrong. Many lives have been lost due to stunts failing, and stunters not wearing safety gear. Don’t become the next statistic.
  3. There are some stunt competitions organized routinely across many cities. Find one closest to you and perform there to showcase your stunting talent.
  4. Join a local motorcycle stunting club; Many such clubs have sprouted across multiple Indian cities. But make sure that you follow points 1 and 2 even when you’re a part of such clubs.