Instagram influencer fined Rs 70,000 for sitting on bonnet of moving Maruti Swift

Social media has offered a platform for many youngsters to make money by creating new and unique-looking videos. We come across several such videos while scrolling through our phones every day. Lately, we have been seeing many videos where content creators or social media influencers have started doing videos that involve dangerous stunts just for the sake of publicity. Some of these videos involve some sort of stunt or a vehicle. These videos do go viral on the internet and one such social media influencer was fined by cops for doing a dangerous stunt on a moving car.

The video has been shared by utkarsh_solankii an Instagram influencer who has close to 32,000 followers. The video that has now gone viral on the internet shows the guy sitting on the bonnet of a moving Maruti Swift hatchback. He is sitting on the bonnet with a smartphone in his hand. It is not clear whether he is recording another video from his phone or has he gone live through his social media profile. The car is continuously moving through a road that looks like a highway. The Maruti Swift which is seen in the video is also missing the registration number for obvious reasons.

Even the cops came across the video and they soon acted against him. They slapped him a fine of Rs 70,000. The exact sections under which the influencer has been fined is not available. Utkarsh has also mentioned the same thing in his Instagram reels. The video has a text on top which says this video is worth Rs 70,000. The Maruti Swift seen here in the video is modified and it comes with aftermarket headlamps, full body wrap and aftermarket alloy wheels.

Instagram influencer fined Rs 70,000 for sitting on bonnet of moving Maruti Swift

People coming up with unique ideas and videos to increase engagement among social media users is actually a good thing but, this is way too dangerous of a thing to be encouraged. The car was being driven on a public road and by doing such stunts, the Instagram influencer was not only putting his own life but other road users life at risk too. It is quite easy for anyone to get distracted from the road, if they come across anything like this. This many even lead to accidents. Possibilities of the person sitting on the bonnet of the car falling down to the road and getting injured are also pretty high.

Thankfully nothing like that happened in this video. Creating different or unique videos does not mean doing dangerous stunts on public roads. If you really want to do such stunts, it is better to do it in a controlled environment. This is not the first time, we have come across such an incident. In the past there has been incidents where cops have seized bikes of people who were performing stunts on public roads that too to record videos to be posted on social media later. Recently a UP man who had posted a video of him drinking and riding a bike on expressway was fined Rs 31,000.