Instagram influencer gifts her dad a brand new Maruti Brezza: Happiness all around [Video]

We have often come across YouTube videos where children have gifted cars and bikes to their parents. In most videos, the children are often trying reciprocate the love and affection that their parents showered on them in the form of such gifts. We have featured some of these incidents from different parts of the country and here we have one such video where a young woman, who is an Instagram influencer actually gifted her dad a brand new Maruti Brezza SUV. She gifted the SUV on her father’s birthday and the video of the same has now gone viral.


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The video has been shared by rida.tharanaa on her YouTube channel. In this heartwarming video, the Instagram influencer shows how she gifted her father an SUV that he wanted to buy for a very long time. The video was recorded and posted on social media almost a week ago and since then the video has gathered over 630k views and close to a thousand comments. Rida Tharana actually grew up in Karnataka’s Coorg district. The family bought their first car, almost 10 years ago. It is a Tata Nano and the family still has it with them. As the car had started to get old, Rida’s father has been thinking of getting a new car for the family.

They both spoke about the same several times and her father had also done a  lot of research about the car that he wanted. He was convinced and impressed with the 2022 Maruti Brezza which looks great in terms of looks and also offers decent number of features. Rida went home on 3rd January and the next day was her father’s birthday. She had made all the arrangements to get the delivered on his birthday. On 4th January, she took her father to the showroom and handed him the keys of his brand new Maruti Brezza. It is a heartwarming video and the happiness on the face of her father is clearly seen here. Her father is definitely proud about her girls achievements and that is what makes this video special.

Instagram influencer gifts her dad a brand new Maruti Brezza: Happiness all around [Video]

The video has several comments that appreciate Rida  Tharana’s gesture. One of the Instagram user said, “A proud father and a happy daughter”. Another user said, “What I’m seeing here is this girl living in Banglore, who’s always struggling to book a cab for herself but what she’s girl doing here is, gifting an amazing car to her father. Thank you for being an inspiration Rida”

Coming to the SUV, Maruti Brezza is one of the most popular sub-4 meter SUVs in the segment. Maruti launched the facelift version of Brezza last year and it has been getting good response from the customers since then. The top-end variant offers several features like electric sunroof, floating touchscreen infotainment screen, wireless phone charging, HUD, cruise control and so on. It is available with a mid hybrid petrol engine only. It uses a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine which is available with a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission.