Instagrammer modifies tractor with 52 speakers: Punjab Police seizes tractor and imposes a fine of Rs. 1.5 lakh [Video]

In an effort to combat air and noise pollution caused by vehicles on the road, the Punjab Police has initiated strict measures against violators. In a recent incident, they apprehended a habitual offender for driving a tractor equipped with an illegal 52-speaker audio system, known for producing loud noise. The Punjab Police team discovered that the offender had customized the tractor with this music system, resulting in the tractor’s height surpassing that of a typical truck.

This incident took place in Khanna village, Punjab, where a young individual was caught driving a extensively modified tractor with various alterations and customized features. Among the modifications, the highlight was a 52-speaker sound system installed by the tractor owner.

The entire audio system, consisting of speakers and amplifiers, was mounted at the rear of the tractor. The police noted that the overall structure, reaching a height of 10-12 feet, exceeded the height of a regular heavy-duty truck. Additionally, the tractor owner was found to be causing disturbances outside schools and colleges by playing excessively loud music from the heavily modified audio system. Furthermore, the tractor was also equipped with a pressure horn, which is prohibited.

Repeat offender

Instagrammer modifies tractor with 52 speakers:  Punjab Police seizes tractor and imposes a fine of Rs. 1.5 lakh [Video]

The Punjab Police arrested the tractor owner, who is a repeat offender when it comes to violating road safety regulations. The police stated that the owner had been previously caught and warned for similar actions, but had failed to comply with the rules. When apprehended with the illegal music system and horn, the tractor owner attempted to flee by driving the tractor at high speed. However, the traffic police successfully captured him and took him, along with the tractor, into custody.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the tractor owner had previously faced charges for six different offenses. It was discovered that the tractor was being driven without valid insurance, pollution certificate, and registration certificate, adding further complications for the owner. The police have levied multiple charges against the tractor owner and have stated that further legal proceedings will take place in the district court. They have also indicated that the fines imposed on the tractor owner could amount to Rs 1.5-2 lakh.

What modifications can you do?

Certain modifications can be made to vehicles without altering the original manufacturer’s specifications. These include cosmetic changes such as repainting the car, minor additions like rain visors and bumper corner protectors, upsizing the tires and wheels within the limits set by the carmaker, and engine swapping with prior permission from the RTO. However, if any of these rules are violated, the vehicle owner may face consequences, such as a fine of Rs 5,000 per alteration or imprisonment for up to six months.

It is important to note that structural changes to vehicles are not permitted by law in India. The Supreme Court of India and the Motor Vehicle Act prohibit such modifications for use on public roads. While these vehicles can be used as project cars or on private properties like racing tracks or farmhouses, they may be seized by the police if found on public roads.

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