Internet pester power urges Maruti to fix Swift brakes

Maruti has come up with a solution to the Swift’s slow speed braking problem thanks to the pester power of online forums. Members of the CarToq community reported that the new Maruti Swift’s brake pedal tended to become hard and the car would’nt stop at very slow speeds, with the clutch pedal half depressed.

Internet brings attention to Swift braking problem

Internet pester power urges Maruti to fix Swift brakes

This problem was reported on CarToq in May 2012, by community members Toms Mathew, Sibiraj, Arun Vijayaraghavan, Mangalam Singhania and others. Read: Braking problems in new Swift

This problem was also reported earlier on other forums such as Team-BHP , and others.  In some cases, the dealer had inspected the car, brake pads were changed, brake booster was also changed but no permanent solution was found. Different people began reporting the same problem from various cities across India on these forums and in CarToq.

All through this Maruti was silent on the issue. Meanwhile the number of complaints kept increasing, but many consumers were unsure, until they read on online forums the exact nature of the problem. The problem got the attention of other media as well. Forbes magazine then contacted some of the people who had complained of this issue on CarToq and reported it end July. At this point the issue had begun to get even more attention, being reported across online media sites.

In early August, Maruti came up with a part acknowledgement of the problem on their Facebook page. Read: Maruti says Swift owners facing braking issues are driving wrong! The company urged its customers to correct their driving style with the new Swift, and not to use “half clutch”. However, it continued to work in the background on a fix to the issue, and it looks like it has finally come up with a solution.

Maruti is calling customers who had complained of this problem and is apparently fixing it by upgrading the ECU software. Read: Maruti fixes Swift braking problem!

The problem was because the engine rpm would fall below idle rpm when there was load on the engine when using half clutch, and hence not enough vacuum was being generated to assist the brake booster – leading to the brake pedal becoming hard.

The Internet not only managed to get consumers facing the same braking problem to come together and share the nature of the problem, it also got them to put in a joint effort and force Maruti to fix this problem. Community members began to speak with each other through forums and highlight the issue. While it’s good on Maruti’s part to come up with a fix, the company is still not officially acknowledging the issue.

If you have a Swift or Dzire and are facing the same slow-speed braking problem, get in touch with your Maruti service center right away. There’s a solution waiting for you! Do share your experience on the CarToq community.