India under-19 cricket team vice captain’s Ford Mustang GT loses control: HITS two cars on flyover [Video]

IPL Cricketer and Uttar Pradesh cricket teams under-19 vice-captain Akashdeep Nath got into a massive accident during the lockdown. The player was driving a Ford Mustang and it seems like that he lost control of the vehicle while speeding on a nearly empty flyover.

Reports suggest that the accident happened late in the night on Friday. The incident happened on a long flyover in Kukrail flyover, which was inaugurated last year after a long delay. The flyover is 5.8 km long and does not have any speed breakers on it, which attracts a lot of young ones to the stretch. Due to the lockdown, the flyover had very little traffic.

Akshdeep Nath was driving the car by himself when the accident happened. The exact speed of the car is not known but looking at the gravity of the accident, it must be doing high speed. The Mustang GT hit the Maruti 800 from behind and then it hit a Hyundai Elite i20 before finally coming to standstill. The Mustang GT hit the divider at a very high speed and the videos show that the airbags have opened. However, the Mustang is badly damaged.

The reports also say that there were five people in the Mustang. No major injury from the accident has been reported and the minor injuries were treated at a local hospital. All the people involved in this accident are safe.

While the exact scenario is not known, it looks like a high-speed car going out of control. Akshdeep Nath bought the car last year in black colour. He featured in a video with Ayush Verma, where he can be seen driving the car on the local roads on the city, at very high speeds.

Ford Mustang is not a supercar but is powerful enough to to make things go out of hands within a fraction of a second. The car is powered by a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 396 Bhp and 515 Nm of peak torque. The Indian market only gets a single-engine option with an automatic transmission. The Mustang has become quite popular in India, especially because of its iconic stature and sticker price. The car became so popular after launching in India that it was sold out soon after its launch.

India under-19 cricket team vice captain’s Ford Mustang GT loses control: HITS two cars on flyover [Video]

396 Bhp can be lethal if not used properly and one should always be aware of the power of the car and what it can do. There have been many accidents involving high-performance cars at high speeds in India and many of them were fatal too. It is always a good idea to keep things under control and keep the speed of the vehicle under the limits. Speed limits are set by the authorities after inspection.