Irresponsible, dangerous riding by superbikers in Delhi, caught on video

The video is posted by a video blogger who goes by the name Zohair Ahmed. It shows a group of four riders speeding through crowded roads of Delhi, pulling wheelies and zigzagging with no care for their own or other road users’ lives.

Edit: The person has removed both the videos from the official channel. We have come across the same video uploaded by someone else. The part I of the video is not available as of now.

What exactly happened?

The video has been shot by Zohair Ahmed, who records the whole incident on his helmet mounted action camera. The ride starts from Connaught Place and the group of riders heads towards Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate.

The biking group consists of two female riders and three male riders. The group has various rides like Suzuki Hayabusa, Yamaha R1, Triumph Street Bobber, KTM RC 390. The second part of the video shows the riders starting from Connaught Place after a session of selfies attracting a lot of crowds.

Shortly after that, the group leaves together towards the India Gate. On the way, the crowded streets of Delhi do not hamper the enthusiasm of the biking group. On the way, the group rarely follows any rule of safe riding.

Starting from not obeying the stop line on the red light, the bikers also pull wheelies on the public roads. A few motorcycles even do not have number plates. Also, the group has no regard for safety and they were seen speeding through the streets, causing a lot of chaos among other vehicles.

Stunting on public roads is also extremely dangerous and anything can go wrong and can cause a major accident. Recently, we saw a similar video on Benelli from Delhi where the rider collides with a jaywalker and then crashes against a wall. Meanwhile, this video is titled “Mayhem”, which is perhaps apt for the kind of riding these bikers indulge in.

What’s wrong?

Superbikes in India attract a lot of attention. Being a two-wheeler majority country, a lot of riders look up to such riders and imitate what they do on the road. The riders also do a lot of dangerous lane-splitting and zig-zag riding. While they may be in full control of the situation, it sends a wrong message to the other riders.

Public roads are not to display such dangerous riding moves. A lot of fellow bikers were seen following the group, who were riding quite fast through the traffic. Other bikers could have been injured following the group. It is extremely important to ride responsibly while handling such powerful motorcycles.


Shantonil Nag

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