Is a 7-seat Renault Duster coming to India?

The French automotive giant Renault enjoyed a ton of success with its compact SUV Duster in India for years. Although the lack of upgrades in the growing market led to a decline in sales for the SUV that was once extremely dear to the Indian car market.

Is a 7-seat Renault Duster coming to India?

But in turn of events, recently a new report has emerged which suggests that this iconic moniker could receive an all-new platform which would also enable it to become a seven-seater SUV. As of yet, it is not confirmed if a 7-seater is actually going to land on the Indian subcontinent but recent reports hint that it could become a reality. What we hear unofficially is that there are no such plans, and no plans for even the 5-seater Duster to make a comeback to India.

But let us not take anything as confirmed, for now. We think a return of the Duster in a 5-seat avatar would be a good idea. And a 7-seat Duster? Absolutely, especially if it is based on the beautiful Dacia Bigster concept.

According to sources, Renault is preparing to invest more than Rs 4,000 crore in India to introduce the new CMF-B platform, which would lead to the arrival of other new vehicles, including the next Duster generation as well. The long-discussed midsize SUV is expected to go on sale sometime between 2024 to 2025, according to rumours. Renault will be able to provide more cutting-edge features and underpinnings thanks to this contemporary platform. It is adaptable enough to support several body types and engine configurations, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and petrol suggests by the reports.

Localization will be applied heavily to the CMF-B platform said the report. The next-generation Duster, a larger SUV created from the Bigster concept, and an Electric Vehicle (EV) derived from the platform’s electric derivative, the CMF-B EV, will also be produced as a consequence. According to the report, Nissan will also receive equivalent mid-size B- and C-segment SUVs as well as an EV.

Is a 7-seat Renault Duster coming to India?

The Bigster 3-row SUV’s first idea was first presented to the public in 2021. The concept car had a full-width grille dominating the aggressively designed front fascia. The most recent iteration of Dacia’s iconic Y-shaped headlamp was combined with the front grille. It had LED lighting that appeared to be built into the grille, and the front bumper was squared off and had a big centre grille with two vertical air intakes. The flared wheel arches and huge 5-spoke alloy wheels gave the side profile of the vehicle the appearance of a larger Duster SUV. The Bigster concept’s sleek tailgate, which held a sizable Dacia insignia, and two Y-shaped taillights were also in the rear.

Other Renault news includes this month’s attractive deals and discounts on the company’s product range in the country. The company recently announced that it is offering discounts of up to Rs 35,000 on its Triber, Kiger, and Kwid models. These promotions are available to interested buyers in the form of cash discounts, exchange incentives, and corporate discounts. Despite the fact that these services are region-, grade-, and variant-specific. The clients can also benefit from corporate or rural discounts, if necessary. The perks are valid until 30 November 2022, according to Renault.