Is the Ford Figo better value for money than the Chevrolet Beat?

The Chevrolet Beat and the Ford Figo are young, fresh and popular small cars. They both have their own set of pros and cons but which one is a better buy? We asked the CarToq community just that, take a look at what the community said.

The Figo was the clear winner according to the poll and won with 74 % votes. The Beat which got 48 votes (26 %) was far behind the Figo. So why did the community vote for the Figo? Is it really the more value for money car? We find out.

Price: The Ford Figo starts at Rs. 3.74 lakh for the base petrol variant and goes up to Rs. 5.83 lakh for the top end diesel variant. The Beat starts at Rs. 3.73 lakh for the base variant and goes up to Rs. 5.60 lakh. So if price is a key criteria for you then the top end Beat diesel is much cheaper than the Figo, although petrol variants start at a similar price point.

Handling: The Figo like all Ford cars is great in terms of handling and is better than the Beat. The Beat is not bad when it comes to handling but compared to the Figo it fails to inspire confidence, despite of its small size.

Performance:  The diesel Figo puts out 68 Bhp of power and 160 Nm of torque which is more than the Beat diesel’s power output of 57 Bhp and torque output of 150 Nm. However when it comes to petrol variants the Figo’s 1,196 cc, 4 cylinder engine with its 70 Bhp of power and 102 Nm of torque falls short of the Beat’s 1,199 cc motor which makes 80 Bhp of power and 108 Nm of torque. It has to be noted that the Beat is lighter than the Figo be it the petrol or the diesel so although the Figo diesel is more powerful the difference in power is not very prominent when driving. Similarly the Beat petrol seems much more punchier than the Figo as it is lighter. Click here to see the poll

Space and comfort: The Figo has an edge over the small Beat when it comes to space and comfort. The Figo has much more interior space than the Beat. The large glass area of the Figo also gives it a more airy feel. In terms of legroom too the Figo offers more compared to the Beat. The Beat has comfortable front seats with good lumbar support, but the rear seats aren’t as spacious as the Figo. The Beat has a 170 litre boot which is very small compared to the Figo’s 284 litre boot. For more information about the Chevrolet Beat click here

Looks: This is a very personal parameter but the Beat is a better looking car than the Figo. The sharp lines and the radical design of the Beat is more exciting that the Figo which has a straightforward design. This may however appeal to those who like more conservative styling and find the Beat’s design a bit awkward for their tastes.

Fit and Finish: Neither of the two cars has bad fit and finish but the Beat seems to have a slight edge over the Figo. The paint finish and quality of plastics used on the Beat seem to be a tad better. The colours used inside the Figo seem a bit loud compared to the black and grey used on the Beat. Although some people, may find the Figo’s interiors more bright and cheerful. For more information about the Ford Figo click here

Features: The base variant of the Beat sports AC and power steering and so does the Figo. But the Figo comes with features like a distance to empty indicator, door ajar warning, low fuel warning and headlamp on reminder. However, when it comes to the top-end variants both cars are equally feature loaded. The Figo offers Bluetooth audio and phone controls, along with airbags and ABS on the top-end Titanium variant. The Beat goes a step further as it has climate control, and also offers all-four power windows, while the Figo has only power windows for the front (two). So although it is by a small margin the Beat is ahead of the Figo here.


Both the Beat and the Figo are well built, practical vehicles. Our poll shows that the Figo is more popular and it is likely because it looks bigger and is also more spacious. However for those who think features and looks are more important than space and comfort the Beat still holds its value.