Is the Hyundai Creta compact SUV overpriced?

Creta has now been out for more than a month, and it was a sales hit in its first month. While some feel that the Creta does justify the price at which it has been launched, others are busy drawing comparisons to what they feel offers better value. We take a quick look at whether the Creta is overpriced for what it offers.


Is the Hyundai Creta compact SUV overpriced?

The petrol base variant of the Creta starts at 8.6 lakh rupees, going up to 9.57 lakh rupees for the mid S variant, while the top-end SX+ trim sells for 11.2 lakh rupees. Given that these prices are introductory, the base variant of the Creta does offer good value currently, considering that it has the segment topping 6 speed gearbox, ABS as standard and contemporary looks. With its rivals looking a generation older, the Creta does have looks on its side. The top end variant, at 11.2 lakh rupees, does seem pricey though, when you look at the competition. EcoSport’s petrol EcoBoost (top end variant) is available at Rs 9.7 lakh ex-showroom, and offers 6 airbags and a 125 Bhp-170 Nm engine with better fuel efficiency. The Duster’s petrol top-end variant – after discounts of Rs 50,000 – costs Rs 9.2 lakhs.

Verdict: Creta base variant makes sense easily, but top end variant of the Creta makes you take a serious look at the other two options.

Diesel 1.4

The base diesel 1.4 variant of the Creta, at 9.46 lakh rupees is good value, especially since it offers ABS as standard for this kind of money. You get a very refined turbo diesel motor that is reasonably efficient too. Moving up the variant chain, Hyundai has chosen to prioritise creature comforts over safety, especially on the 1.4 diesel S trim. So, a buyer who wants additional safety has to fork out much more for the SX+ variant, on the larger 1.6 liter diesel engine. The higher variants of the Diesel 1.4 don’t represent good value, especially in comparison to the discounted competition that offers more for less.

Verdict: Base variant, good value. Higher variants? Not so much. But the extra safety, looks and features are reasons to consider Creta.

Is the Hyundai Creta compact SUV overpriced?

Diesel 1.6

The Diesel 1.6 variants have a powerful engine that is the torque king of its segment, as the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is yet to arrive. The SX+ variant is the most rounded variant here, but also quite pricey considering the discounted competition. Hyundai is sticking to its old approach here, of packing in more equipment on board and plush interiors and commanding premium rupee. However, the game now has an equally loaded Mahindra XUV500 on one side and the top-spec AWD Renault Duster on the other. In value terms, the higher variants of the Creta 1.6 Diesel will have a hard task justifying their price tags.

Verdict: Higher variants? Hard to justify the higher price tag when larger SUVs can be had for similar money. The Creta wins in the straight line though. 


Diesel 1.6 Automatic

Is the Hyundai Creta compact SUV overpriced?

When you have no competition, TINA makes hay. TINA stands for “there is no alternate”. Currently, that’s the position the Creta 1.6 AT finds itself in. With a monopoly on the diesel automatic class, Hyundai has chosen to give the diesel automatic variant a hefty price tag of 13.57 lakh rupees. That kind of money just gets you twin airbags, hill hold assist and ABS as safety features. And that’s XUV territory. Since there are no lower variants available, the buyer doesn’t have an option but to shell out extra money for the “so-called” premiumness on offer. Remember, the Automatic variant of the Creta is sold in SX+ trim, which means that leather trim is out.

Verdict: Do you have an option?