Hyundai has just launched its direct Alto rival, the Eon at a price range starting from Rs. 2.69 lakh. Hyundai offers six variants of Eon with roughly Rs. 20,000 price difference between each variant going up to Rs. 3.71 lakh for the top-end variant, the Eon Sports. The Eon’s wide price range also penetrates the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R price bracket (Rs. 3.35 lakh – Rs. 4.20 lakh) though its primary rival is Alto (Rs. 2.32 lakh – Rs. 3.17 lakh). All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Here, we compare the WagonR LXi variant with the Eon Sportz to check out which model’s variant offers more bang for the buck.

Driving and handling

The Eon is powered by 814 cc, 3-cylinder motor (derived from the 1.1 litre Epsilon engine of Santro) that puts out 56 bhp of power. This engine is smooth and refined, but does not put out as much power as the Wagon R’s engine.  On the other hand, the WagonR’s engine offers enough mid range grunt and 67 bhp of power to tackle city chaos without much fuss. Both the cars are powered by 3-cylinder engines and hence expect slightly audible engine noise when revved hard. Also see: Hyundai Eon Magna vs Maruti Suzuki Alto VXi

hyundai eon vs maruti wagonr comparison

With regard to handling, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR is easy to handle as long as you do not over speed at corners. On open highways, crosswinds may spoil the WagonR’s road manners and it pitches a bit. Based on the compact dimensions of the Eon, we can safely assume that the Eon will be easy to handle in city speeds. We’ll update you on its highway manners after a detailed road test.

Based on power specifications alone, the WagonR holds an edge in performance.


The new WagonR manages to hide the boxy designs of the previous generation WagonR. The tall boy design will not win a beauty contest, but will allow you to drive through narrow gaps in city roads with ease.

The Eon is the latest Hyundai model to wear the company’s global fluidic design language. The hexagonal grille, triangular fog lamps and large headlamps (resembling i10’s) gives the Eon, a big car stance. The style even hides the fact that only a small 814 cc engine rests under its hood.

In terms of looks, the Eon has an edge over the WagonR.


Both the WagonR Lxi and Eon Sportz come with front power windows, power steering, central locking, AC, tinted glass, remote fuel lid & tail gate opener.

However, the Eon Sportz has tilt-adjustable steering for comfortable driving position and gear shift indicator on the MID (Multi-Information Display) for better fuel economy. These features are not found in the Wagon R. On the other hand, the Wagon R Lxi is equipped with 60:40 split rear seats and iCats Anti-theft system.

Summing up, both the WagonR and the Eon are reasonably feature-loaded. While the WagonR offers more space-flexibility features, the Eon offers more electronic features.

Price, mileage and overall value for money

The WagonR is priced at Rs. 3.65 lakh while the Eon Sportz is priced at Rs. 3.71 lakh. With almost similar pricing, the Wagon R is a bigger car with more practical features.

As per specifications, the Eon is more frugal because, the ARAI-certified mileage of the Eon is 21.4 kmpl while that of the Wagon R is 18.9 kmpl.

Overall, the WagonR is a better buy, for it comes with a bigger engine that offers better performance, though its boxy looks may not be liked by all.

Pros and Cons

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When it comes to style and boot space, the Hyundai Eon may have an edge, but when it comes to practicality and long term reliability, the Wagon R is the better choice. If you’re looking for a small city runabout where mileage is more of a concern than power, the Eon is a better choice. But if you want an all-round practical car which gives decent mileage and has good performance, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR is still a sensible buy.


  1. WagonR has being doing well & s known for its performance, but Eon s surely going to hit Also sales…

  2. first of all, eon being a 800cc car is compared with the wagonr who comes with the 1000cc engine…i don’t knw who is such a stupid or may be foolish enough to compare the cars just bcoz there prices matches..its quite obvio that a larger cc engine will come with more power…it’s’s common-sense…

  3. Its not about the engine. capacity. The cars are being compared as they fall under the same price range. There is no sign of stupidity here and DWS auto is definitely doing a good job.

  4. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan didn’t read my comment carefully..the point you hve put on i hve mentioned it….so forst read it carefully..and regarding tdws job,they hve done several bad comparos that wen you will get to knw abt it,you will also agree to me..

  5. Sonu Nagpal I read your comment bro. Its like when a person enters a market to buy a car, he will compare all possible cars in the price range. And more over the verdict given towards WAGONR is absolutely right. Though EON comes with a smaller engine, the mileage is more than wagonR and offers a few other features which may attract a few buyers. It may not be you and me but someone will definitel

  6. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan if that so ajay,then read the other comments..u will get to knw abt wat i am actualy sayin…

  7. This is not fair to compare Eon with Wagorn-R. coz WagonR proved itself in the long durability factor.and not to forget this is the best selling car in this segment. Also, WagonR is the practical car.Eon in the other hand nice in itz interiors and fluidic design..but when engine comes to play WagonR got bigger engine, more space and my view WagonR beats Eon with marginal votes..

  8. I dnt understand wats realy hapng here DWS auto india…..i must say 1 thg that dey will surely copare magna with nissan micra, polo, swift and many more…..jus 800 cc and big publicity….jus goin out of my head…shuld I lauf or cry…

  9. Comparing Eon 800 with 1000cc wagon r is wrong thing weel u can compare Santro with Wagon r……still I think compare to wagon R Eon is a gr8 car with gr9 looks and with many features and in sportz Airbag is there u hv not mentioned anywhere..bootspace of new wagon r is very small…..and I dnt like the desighn of new or old wagon r worst dedighn worst dashoborad cheap material plastics….Eon is

  10. wagonR Lxi doesn’t have in built audio player, and a driver side air bag doesnot posses body color ORVMs and body colour door handles, dual tone interiors , Which are there in eon sports. which u have not mentioned..seems like AN INTENTIONAL OMMISSION to promote wagonR…ahh?

  11. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan, i do agree with u.. A person who is going to buy a new car vil definetly compare the cars in same price range

  12. Mr.Sonu, how many persons in india vil go for a buy thinking that he/she should by only a 1000cc car or a 1200cc car??
    and, how many person in india vil go for a buy keeping his/her budget in mind.. if u honestly ans this question u wil also agree that this is one of good comparision frm dws. :-)

  13. Dude grow up. Since since santro was launched, there is no significant difference in the dash board and interiors. But the new wagonr gives overall a better space for the passengers and the seats are very very comfortable. The new wagon r comes with features like integrated audio systems, i cats security, abs dual srs airbags,power mirrors,key less entry and adjustable steering wheels. The over al

  14. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan hey bro i agree with u Hyundai sld facelif the snatro with new engine and new exterors and interiors and with new features like integrated stereo with am/fm/cd mp3 playermaux and usb with 4 spks,rear power windows,new dashboard,alloy wheels,rear wiper/wash and defogger,electrival adjustable mirrors,and option of 2 airbags and abs auto transmisison and Hyundai als sld introd

  15. Ajay Srinivas Raghavan, you wrote that Wagon R has integrated audio systems, i cats security, abs dual srs airbags,power mirrors,key less entry and adjustable steering wheels etc. but I’ll like to tell u that the features u talked about are of Wagon R VXI with ABS which is priced much more higher than that of EON Sportz .And the stuff about which discussion is going up was of EON Sportz And Wagon R LXI. Instead of giving less power than EON ,it’s milage is much higher than that of Wagon R which is preffered more than just power of a car.

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