You can never underestimate the ingenuity of car thieves. Admittedly, most thieves are not into stealing your entire car but just your belongings left inside it. India’s Thak thak gangs are just one example of how they do it.

But this video tells us just how easy it is to fool almost any one of us. And most of us would fall for it, even after seeing this video. Because it is instinctive to stop, leave the car running and step out to check out the noise from the rear.

Yes, it is small relief that the video is not from India. However, are car thieves in India already using this trick? Who knows!


  1. That was indeed a simple trick and I am sure a lot of us would fall for it. The sound would be like some car part is rubbing on the road, and we would instinctively go and look behind. I wonder if keyless entry cars would help as the key would be in our pocket and the push button may not work.

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