Is this the Tata Nano Diesel’s twin cylinder turbo charged engine?

Is this the Tata Nano Diesel’s twin cylinder turbo charged engine?
Is this the Tata Nano's Turbo Diesel Engine?

While some reports claim that the Tata Nano Diesel has been put on hold while others reveal that the car is being readied up for a launch in the next year or so. While the Nano Diesel has overshot its launch time frame of early 2014, Tata Motors showcased an interesting engine cutaway at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. The twin cylinder turbo diesel engine displayed at the 2014 Auto Expo is either that of the Ace DICOR or the Nano Diesel. 

Incidentally, the Ace DICOR is said to share its twin cylinder turbo diesel engine with the Nano Diesel. The Nano Diesel’s engine however, is expected to be more refined than the one on the Ace DICOR. Although there have been reports of the Indian government planning to completely deregulate diesel prices, the move is yet to happen. The uncertainty surrounding this decision has impacted car makers’ plans to launch new diesel powered cars in India.

Also, diesel prices have been steadily inching northwards and car buyers who drive smaller monthly distances are tilting back towards petrol cars. Amid such conditions, an entry level car such as the Nano with a diesel engine that adds a hefty premium to the hatchback’s price might not make sense for the buyer. Perhaps, this is a reason for Tata Motors’ repeated delays in the launch of the Nano. 

Other rumours surrounding the Nano Diesel indicate that Tata Motors is having issues with getting the twin cylinder turbo diesel engine of the car to meet acceptable levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Whatever be the case, Tata Motors’ veil around Nano Diesel plans aren’t helping matters. For the prospective buyer who has been eagerly waiting for a diesel version of the car, little of no information about the Nano Diesel serves as a major dampener.

Image courtesy Aditya79India on Team-BHP