Man Sells Cheesecakes From A MG Hector

Man sells Cheesecake from MG hector

If there’s one thing about Indians, it is that we are extremely perseverant. No matter what challenges life brings, people in India take them with open arms. Recently, sharing a similar story, a video of a man from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, selling homemade cheesecakes from his MG Hector worth Rs 22 lakh has been shared online. The video shows how this man sets up his table on the street and sells delicious cheesecakes at very affordable prices.

Man sells cheesecakes from MG Hector

This video of the man selling cheesecakes from his MG Hector SUV has come courtesy of Shadab Talks from YouTube. It starts with the host sharing the details of this man selling cheesecakes from his MG Hector. He then drives to his location and interviews the man.

The vlogger first asks the owner of this unique startup his name. To this, he replies that his name is Ishwar Singh. Following this, he asks about his journey to this startup and the flavors he has on offer. The owner then elaborates on his life story and mentions that he bakes four types of cheesecakes every day and brings them to this location.

Man Sells Cheesecakes From A MG Hector

He states that he has flavors including the original New York cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse cheesecake, and lastly the Nutella Oreo cheesecake. The presenter then mentions that the stall starts at 5 PM. And it is located in front of Space Electronics, near Gate No. 3 of Medical College in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Ishwar Singh and his story

Ishwar Singh, in a media interview, revealed that the city of Jodhpur is his hometown. His father, Bhanwar Singh, is a retired forest officer. For his education, Ishwar pursued Master’s in Computer Applications (MCA) and has also undergone coaching classes in Delhi for competitive exams.

However, facing challenges for three years in competitive exams, he returned to Jodhpur and began working in the accounts section at Jeera Mandi. During this time, he also got married. Following his marriage, he shifted to Pune, where his maternal relatives were involved in the grocery business.

Man Sells Cheesecakes From A MG Hector

After trying to become successful in the same field, Ishwar became bored of this routine and decided to stop during the lockdown. Later he went through a divorce and then shifted to Hyderabad, Telangana. There he joined his brother and worked in a restaurant for a brief period. In 2022, he opened a Dhaba branch in Hyderabad but eventually handed it over to his brother upon returning to Jodhpur.

Following his return to Jodhpur, Ishwar experimented with farming briefly before deciding to pursue his passion for street food. He converted his MG Hector car into a mobile cake-selling business, which he named Cheese Street. Today he sets up his startup near Gate No. 3 of the Medical College of Jodhpur, where he sells cakes of various flavors from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily.

Ishwar has revealed that this venture has gained popularity over the last few weeks. And currently, he is earning around Rs 4000 daily with a profit margin of Rs 1200. He has managed to attract repeat customers within just a few weeks of starting his business.

Audi “Chaiwala”


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Back in June of this year, a video went viral on the internet. In this short video, a man became famous for selling tea out of his Audi A6 luxury sedan. It was reported that the name of the owner of this unique tea startup is Mannu Singh. He started this venture as a way to offer amazing tea and an experience of luxury car to his customers. His tea startup is called On Drive Tea (ODT), and his tagline is “Think luxury, drink luxury”.

Vegetable vendor with Audi A4

Man Sells Cheesecakes From A MG Hector
Farmer arrives in Audi to sell vegetables

Another similar video became popular online where a young farmer from Kerala was seen selling local produce after arriving in his Audi A4. The man named Sujith brings his local produce to a spot in the city. And on the side of the road, he sets up his shop on the ground and changed into his work clothes. After selling out, he once again drives back in his white Audi A4 luxury sedan.