Isuzu D-Max beautifully converted into a spacious motorhome [Video]

Motorhome culture is popular in western countries. In India, this trend is still picking up pace in India. There are many videos where people have converted their cars into campers and caravans. There are a few workshops who excell at doing such conversion or modification jobs. One such workshop is Motorhome Adventures. They have been in this industry since 1993 and have done several custom made projects. In the past we have featured some of their work on our website. Here we have another video where an Isuzu D-Max pick up truck has been neatly converted into a motorhome.

The video has been uploaded by Motorhome Adventures on their YouTube channel. In this video, the car presenter talks about all the modifications that they have done to the pick up truck. This is a single cab pick up truck that Isuzu offers in the market and the modifications done to this vehicle were as per customer request. The front bumper of the pick up was removed and replaced with a custom made off-road spec metal unit. It is painted in black and there are several auxiliary lamps mounted on them. A electronic winch is also seen on the pick up.

The standard wheels on this pick-up were replaced with 18 inch aftermarket unit that can handle more weight than usual. The whole vehicle has been painted in the lightest shade of great which gives it a retro vibe. There is an awning on one side of the vehicle and there are couple of compartments on the side of the vehicle for controlling the hydraulic jack. The whole body of the caravan has been done using automobile-grade metal sheets. The frame for the same is also built using similar material.

Isuzu D-Max beautifully converted into a spacious motorhome [Video]

There is a 270 litre water tank and an external shower outlet too. The rear now gets air suspension for better comfort. There is a bicycle career at the rear and caravan is just 10.5 feet long, 6.3 feet tall and 6.2 feet wide. This means, the cabin is quite spacious. The cabin has a proper toilet and bathroom on the left hand side as we enter from the rear. There are many storage compartments and other amenities like washing machine, dishwasher, induction and stove cook top, exhaust fans to get rid of the smoke from the cabin, coffee table and television. There is an AC unit mounted on the roof of the caravan. The bed on this caravan is actually designed in such a manner that it is placed over the cabin of the pick up truck.

A portion of the cabin is finished in pine wood shade while rest of cabin gets white shade. The driver’s cabin can be accessed from the rear if needed and there is solar panel on the roof which helps the occupants get their electricity while on the move. There is ample ventilation in the cabin. Even if the AC is not working, the cabin would still circulate fresh air from the hatches and vents that are smartly placed in various parts of the car.

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