Isuzu D-Max S Cab modified into a camper for just Rs 1.5 lakh [Video]

After the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many people started looking for ways to explore the outdoors without interacting with others. Some individuals began modifying their cars to suit their requirements, often by folding or removing the rear seats to make space for beds and other equipment. In addition to regular cars, people also began investing in custom-made caravans, some of which are featured on our website. However, many of these conversions are expensive. In this video, we see an Isuzu D-Max S-Cab owner who has modified his pick-up into a camper for just Rs 1.5 lakh. The video was uploaded by Ghumakkad bugz on their Youtube channel.

In the video, the vlogger interviews the owner of an Isuzu D-Max S-Cab pick-up truck. Although we have seen these types of modifications mostly on the V-Cross, this is probably the first time we are seeing it on the S-Cab version, which is the commercial dual-cab pick-up truck from Isuzu. The owner explains that he chose the S-Cab version because it was much cheaper than the V-Cross, with the former costing around Rs 13 lakh and the latter costing around Rs 28 lakh. The owner had no issues with the yellow number plate on his vehicle.

The owner modified the rear of the car completely, starting with the rear bumper. It was modified and finished in metal because the owner converted the tailgate of the truck into a counter finished with stainless steel sheets. Two metal frames were mounted on the bumper. One of them holds two 20-litre water cans, and the other side has a spare wheel mounted on it. On the side profile of the car, there are awnings and a tent on the roof of the pick-up.

Isuzu D-Max S Cab modified into a camper for just Rs 1.5 lakh [Video]
Isuzu D-Max converted to camper van

The tailgate opens, and the luggage bay has been converted into a mini kitchen on one side. The owner, a senior citizen, customized the rear according to their liking. The couple carries two small blast-proof cylinders of LPG for cooking, and the kitchen counter is made from stainless steel. The pop-up tent on the roof of the pick-up can be opened manually and closed with the help of a rope attached to it. When the tent is open, it creates more space and converts the roof of the truck into a sleeping area. The panel on which the bed is placed can be slid back to make room for people in the kitchen.

When the kitchen is not in use, the area can be converted into a small bed that can accommodate one person. The shower cubicle is located outside, and the owner uses a solar panel on the roof of the vehicle to harvest energy. The energy is stored in the batteries placed in the luggage bay. The setup looks cramped, but it is still usable. The owner got the pick-up endorsed as a closed caravan on the RC, and they did not face any problems doing that. The main attraction of this project is the cost. The owner spent almost Rs 1.5 lakh on the conversion, which does not include the solar panel, which costs an additional Rs 25,000. At this price point, it is definitely offering a lot of features.