Isuzu D-Max V-Cross rescued from a poor paint and mod job: New resto-mod looks outstanding [Video]

Every automotive enthusiast desires to have a unique car. Everyone wants to have something distinct from others but sometimes having this desire can lead to some unwanted nightmares. In this most recent incident, the owner of this Isuzu D-Max went and got his car wrapped from a shop in a camo design but during the process, his car received some cut marks from the razor. So to rectify this issue he took his car to a shop for a full paint job but the shop could not paint the car to his standards and this lead him to take it to another shop. The second shop then with their expertise repainted the entire car and made it look like brand new.

The video of this transformation was uploaded on YouTube by Brotomotiv on their channel. The video starts with the owner of the shop explaining that the car came to their shop in a dismantled condition from another shop from where the owner got it first repainted. He then states that they normally do not take cars in this condition because there is uncertainty if they have received all the parts. He further explained that sometimes there might be a part missing during the reassembly period and after noticing that a part is missing the owner might say that they did send the part and then it creates a ruckus. So to avoid getting into these situations the owner said that they avoid taking such jobs.

Following this the owner of the shop also explains that sometimes customers ask other shops if they can only quote the price of painting the car with raw material cost because they will provide the raw material. He stated that they also avoid doing such jobs because the customer might not always get the exact high quality raw material which he may want from a retailers shop. He revealed that retail shops sometimes mix cheaper quality material to increase their profits. He stated that it may not happen always but there is always an uncertainty around this.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross rescued from a poor paint and mod job: New resto-mod looks outstanding [Video]

He then asks the owner of the SUV about the things that have been done to the vehicle and then they take a walkaround of the car. Following this the owner elaborates that they went to rally for which they got their car wrapped in camo style but the shop made cuts to the paint of the car and then they had to repaint the car. The first that they took the car did a very poor job and during the polishing process they burnt through a lot of paint. They also noticed that the car also had various dents as well. After seeing this they took the car from there and brought it Brotomotiv.

Following this car gets a complete inspection and once again gets entirely dismantled. Then it gets into the process of denting, sanding and primering. It then gets a Metallic flake infused Black color and lastly gets a complete cut and polish. At the end the car is shown in its full glory and the shop owners ask the owner for his review to which he expresses that the job has been done amazingly.