Isuzu V-Cross & Force Gurkha RESCUES Mahindra Jeep that gets stuck in a very tricky place

Off-roading is an activity that is slowly finding grip in India. Even though we love SUVs, only a very small section of people actually take their vehicle to extreme conditions to check the capability. Now, we have several groups in different parts of India who conduct such off-road events. These groups explore off-road terrains and constantly test the capability of their vehicles. Getting stuck is just part of the adventure and at times, even the experienced drivers can get their vehicle stuck. Here we have a video that shows exactly the same thing. The video shows how an extremely modified off-road spec Mahindra Thar gets stuck and is rescued by an Isuzu V-Cross and Gurkha.

The video has been uploaded by SHRI Vlogs on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing a bunch of SUVs exploring a tough terrain. A Maruti Gypsy, Force Gurkha is seen had come down a very steep stretch with a trench on the side. One of the SUVs that was coming down got stuck in the trench and was not moving forward or in reverse. The right wheel of modified Thar had badly got stuck in the trench. Even after several tries the extremely modified SUV could not come out.

The team then comes out with a plan to tow the Jeep using one of their SUVs. Gurkha was the first to come but, the length of the tow rope was not sufficient so they had to drop the plan. After this, the Maruti Gypsy is brought in and the tow rope is tied to it. Gypsy driver starts to pull the jeep but, the tyres are badly stuck in the pit that it did not move forward even by an inch.

Isuzu V-Cross & Force Gurkha RESCUES Mahindra Jeep that gets stuck in a very tricky place

After couple of attempts, Gurkha started pulling Gypsy which was helping the jeep. Even that did not make any difference. Once they realized that the SUV was not going forward, they came up with a plan to tow it from the rear. The main hurdle in front of them there was that it was stuck on a steep section and the SUVs would not get enough traction to pull it out. They then go and get a longer tow rope and tie it to the Gypsy and Gurkha one after the other.

The jeep was now stuck for over couple of hours and even the longer tow rope was not helping. After trying out all the ways, they then call a backup vehicle which had a heavy duty winch on it. It was an Isuzu V-Cross which is quite popular among off-roaders. The winch was attached to the jeep and the V-Cross was tied to the Gurkha to balance the weight. The Isuzu V-Cross and the Gurkha then helped the jeep get out of the pit.

This video is a perfect example that proves no matter how experienced a driver or well modified the SUV may be, it will get stuck it not driven carefully. The group was also following some other rules like covering the lock on the tow rope and the winch with a cloth so that, if in case, the rope snaps, no one gets hurt. The area was also cleared in order to avoid any accidents. This video also shows why it is important to travel in group while exploring unknown terrains.