Isuzu V-Cross, Ford Endeavour, Pajero & Mahindra Thar square off in a tricky off-road climb [Video]

off-road as an adventure sport is now slowly gaining popularity in our country. Several groups have now surfaced who take group of SUV owners to explore the unexplored. This gives those SUV owners to now more about the capability of their SUV and also gives them an idea on how to drive in such tricky conditions. One such group who regularly conducts off-road session is Northern Overlanders. They have posted a number of videos in the past where SUVs are seen doing off-road section and dune bashing. Here we have one such video that shows number of SUVs trying to climb a tricky off-road section.

The video has been posted by Anshuman Bishnoi on his youtube channel. The video shows a small path with loose sand in it. The main challenge in front of the SUV was that the section was quite steep. The first vehicle to enter the section was the Isuzu V-Cross. For a moment, it felt like the V-Cross was going to make it but, unfortunately as the vehicle moved towards the top, the sand became more loose and because of the slope, the wheels started to spin. Even after deflating the tyres, the V-Cross was not able to find traction in this section.

The next vehicle in the group was a Ford Endeavour and just like Isuzu, it came up very smoothly and as it was near the top, it started loosing traction once again. Endeavour driver drove the vehicle through this section several times before he could finally get it to the top. After Endeavour, Pajero Sport and couple of Mahindra Thar’s also tried to cross the same section. Every vehicle entering the stretch was getting stuck in the loose sand.

The main reason behind this was because the driver was not able to maintain the momentum. There is a small turn which affects the momentum. After that turn, SUV does not have enough solid ground to gain momentum to tackle the uneven section that lie ahead of it. Finally after trying for a very long time, Isuzu V-Cross also makes it to the top of the section.

Other vehicles in the group also tried doing the same thing but, only the Ford Endeavour and Isuzu V-Cross made it to the top. The vlogger as we saw in the video went out in group for off-roading which is how it should be done. Off-roading and dune bashing a group activity. You should at least have one backup vehicle while going for such activities. This is for your own safety so that, if in case your vehicle gets stuck somewhere, the other vehicle can easily push or pull you out of the situation.