Isuzu V-Cross & Mahindra Thar show the POWER of 4-wheel drive: Live example on video

The growing demand for SUVs in the Indian car market has caused many manufacturers to launch their affordable products in the market. While they get the SUV tag, most of them do not offer a 4X4 system, which is essential for off-roading. Many of these cars get the 4WD option in international markets but due to low demand of 4WD in India, manufacturers do not offer this feature. How important is 4WD to make a car capable? Here is a video of Isuzu D-Max V-Cross and the Mahindra Thar that first try to climb a steep incline with only 4X2 and then use unleash the power of 4X4 drive system.

What is happening here?

The video first shows an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, which is a popular lifestyle truck in India, trying to go up a climb in only 4X2 mode. The V-Cross reaches a certain point and then fails to climb any further. Then the very popular Mahindra Thar comes into the picture and attempts the challenge in both 4X2 mode and 4X4 mode.

Both the vehicles fail in the 4X2 mode and then successfully clears the obstacle in 4X4 mode. Both the vehicles get switchable drive system that can disengage the front wheels when not needed. This allows the cars to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

In 4X2 mode, the power of the engine is transferred only to two wheels. It is not distributed among all the four wheels which cause the tyres to lose traction in difficult situations. In 4X4 mode, the power is sent to all the four wheels and both the axles of the vehicle work to move the weight of the vehicle forward. The car gets traction from four different wheels that together pull the car ahead, making the vehicle easier to drive too.

Both the cars also get 4-Low mode. It is a special transfer case that increases the torque output of the vehicle multiple times. This further increases the capability of the vehicle and it can get out of sticky situations without too much of a struggle.

It is important to identify the terrain and engage the proper mode before one ventures into it. If a vehicle is already stuck, it is difficult to recover it even after putting it in 4X4 mode. Always take the surroundings into account and engage 4X4 whenever the vehicle is on a slippery or sticky surface.