Isuzu V-Cross shows Toyota Fortuner & Tata Safari Storme who's BOSS [Video]

Isuzu V-Cross shows Toyota Fortuner & Tata Safari Storme who’s BOSS [Video]

While SUVs are gaining massive popularity in India due to their practicality and intimidating looks, there are only a few who use them for off-roading. Taking the SUVs for hardcore off-roading is a different ball game and takes a lot of skill and patience. Here is a video of a Ford Endeavour, modified Toyota Fortuner, Tata Safari Storme and Isuzu D-Max V-Cross getting their treads dirty and showing off their off-roading skills.

What is happening here?

The video shows a steep vertical dirt climb with the SUVs fighting it out to reach the top. The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross makes the first attempt and reaches the top without much problem. We can see the rear wheels of the pick-up truck spinning when it crosses the camera. The heavily modified Toyota Fortuner takes up the challenge next. The Fortuner is known for its capabilities and the A-TRAC feature that allows the vehicle to go through toughest situations. However, after a few attempts, the Fortuner gives up and tries the challenge from the start again. With momentum, the Fortuner completes the challenge.

The new-generation Ford Endeavour takes up the challenge next. The SUV also struggles a lot on the track and the tyres keep on spinning at the same spot. Even the Endeavour fails to climb the steep incline after several attempts and then finally uses all its power to go ahead. The Tata Safari Storme comes in next but even after several attempts, it fails to get past a point that tests the grip of the tyres and also the vehicle’s articulation capabilities.

There are a lot of times when the track can get destroyed after the first attempt and can cause difficulties for the people behind them. To remove this doubt, the Isuzu V-Cross takes on the challenge again and crosses it without a problem while the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner struggle again.

While all the vehicles are similarly equipped with features like 4X4 with the low-ratio transfer case, there are many other factors that decide the capability of a vehicle. To start with, the tyres are extremely important while off-roading. During hardcore off-roading, big block tyres are recommended. Also, the driver of the vehicle plays an important role in off-roading situations. An experienced driver would know the way and when to accelerate. It makes a world of difference to the cars.