Isuzu V-Cross & new Toyota Fortuner get STUCK: Old Fortuner winches them out [Video]

Even though Indians love SUVs, the trend of off-roading is still not very common in our country. We have a few privately owned groups that take SUVs to extreme terrains to test the capabilities of an SUV. One such group is Northern Overlanders. We have featured many videos of the group doing off-roading and dune bashing in the past. Here we have another video that shows number of SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour , Maruti Gypsy, Mahindra Thar, Isuzu V-Cross doing dune bashing.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his youtube channel. The video shows a bunch of SUVs dune bashing and most of the SUVs were smoothly going up the dunes and loose, sandy sections. After some time an older-gen Toyota Fortuner in the group gets stuck badly in loose sand and the driver initially tries to recover the car without any help. The Fortuner was badly stuck so it was rescued by another Fortuner using a tow rope.

After some time a new-gen Fortuner gets stuck almost at the top of a dune. It was stuck in a very tricky position as there was possibility that if the car was not towed properly the Fortuner might rollover. The older-generation Fortuner gently pulls tows it out of the situation. Similarly the Endeavor and the Isuzu V-Cross also got stuck and where winched out.

Isuzu V-Cross & new Toyota Fortuner get STUCK: Old Fortuner winches them out [Video]

This video is a perfect example that despite having the best driver skills and equipment, any vehicle can get stuck. This is why it is always recommended to go out for such off-road activities in groups. If the Fortuner or the V-Cross were alone then things would have been worse. Another things is to understand the terrain and dangers involved. For example if you are doing mild off-roading, then before reaching the obstacle try to get out and walk to the obstacle and have an understanding on how to tackle it and also keep an eye on the dangerous sections of the stretch.

Always have the right equipment when you go out for such activities. The winch helped the Isuzu and the Fortuner get out the tricky situation. The winch basically pulls out the stuck vehicle by putting tension on the rope which is attached to a motor in front of the recovery car. While winching out a vehicle, the rope must be covered with a blanket so that it doesn’t hurt anyone or break the windshield if the rope breaks. The bonnet of the SUVs can also be opened to protect the car and driver. People watching this recovery act must maintain a safe distance too.