Isuzu V-Cross with rooftop tent & other modifications is ready for overlanding [Video]

Caravanning is slowly becoming among people who love to explore the outdoors. Some of the state governments have even started promoting caravan tourism and there are workshops and garages who do a brilliant job in converting a regular vehicle into a caravan. We have featured several videos of SUVs and pick up trucks getting converted as overlanding vehicles. Here we have a video where a couple have converted their Isuzu V-Cross 4×4 pick up truck into a proper overlanding vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by First Indian Camper on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks to the couple who have returnd to India after living abroad for almost 20 years. The couple wanted to spent their retirement life by exploring new places in India. In order to start their road trip they needed a vehicle which was suitable for the purpose. After a lot of research, they ended up with a 2016 model Isuzu V-Cross 4×4 SUV. They wanted their vehicle to have 4×4 transfer case as you never know when you might need it.

The whole car has been repainted in Desert Storm colour and the same has been endorsed on the RC as well. The vlogger mentions that the owner has managed to get permission to convert the car into a caravan legally. The front bumper has been replaced with an aftermarket metal bumper. There are multiple auxiliary lamps installed onit and a heavy duty electronic winch as well. A metal skid plate has also been installed for underbody protection. The car comes with a snorkel and the stock alloy wheels hav been replaced with off-road spec rims and tyres.

Isuzu V-Cross with rooftop tent & other modifications is ready for overlanding [Video]

modifications have been made to the fenders as well. The SUV gets features like 360 degree camera, touchscreen infotainment system and a main switch to enable the AC and other features while the car is parked. The rear section of the V-Cross is where all the modifications have been done. The rear cabin on this pick up has been completely custom made from chequered metal sheets. The cabin has multiple cabinets to store kitchen essentials while the gas tank is stored at the rear outside the vehicle. Due to space limitations, the kitchen on this caravan has to be accessed from the outside and it comes with a slab which can be mouted on the brackets specially made for it.

There is a battery that stores energy using the converter. It can also be plugged to a power source directly and can also be charged using a solar panel. There is cabin that is specially dedicated for recovery equipment. It also has an awning, 105 litres water tank that has been imported from Netherlands, wash basin and a shower cubicle. The shower cubicle is also a foldable unit which is placed on the roof of the vehicle. On the roof of the V-Cross is a tent that can easily accommodate 4 adults in it. The overall headspace inside the rear cabin increases when the tent is opened. This generates more space and one can use the space for cooking if needed. Overall, the couple looks extremely happy with the custom made Isuzu V-Cross.