It’s not a myth: Honda Brio diesel spotted

Honda has been quiet about it, but the sound clearly gives it away. A Honda Brio diesel has been caught on video, stuck in Mumbai traffic, and clearly sounding very much like a diesel.

Honda has so far been tight-lipped about a Brio diesel and going by international reports, Honda’s small diesel engine was at least a year away from production. However, a few weeks ago rumours of a Honda Brio diesel began to surface, but none were convincing enough.

However, Team-BHP’s moderator, managed to actually catch a Brio with test plates in Mumbai and on the video the distinct clatter of a diesel engine can be heard. Scroll down for the video link.

This leads us to speculate that Honda has been fast-tracking its diesel engine production. It wants to bring out a diesel Brio as fast as possible, and going by this latest development, it looks like a Brio diesel could be on Indian roads as early as the first half of 2013 or possibly earlier.

Internationally, Honda has two diesel motors at the moment – a 2.2 litre and a 1.6 litre that was showcased in Japan at the last Expo. Given the small size of the Brio’s engine bay and the erratic diesel clatter that can be heard in the video, we think Honda is developing a 1.2 litre diesel (a three-cylinder version of the 1.6 litre), which may get squeezed into the Brio’s engine bay. Honda fans, it looks like your diesel prayers may be answered a lot sooner than you hoped.



Video courtesy: Team-BHP