Jacqueline Fernandez Buys a New BMW i7 Electric Luxury Sedan Worth Rs 2 Crore

jacqueline fernandez bmw i7 electric luxury sedan

Renowned Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez recently made headlines in the automotive world as she splurged on a brand-new luxury car. The dazzling addition to her collection is the high-end BMW i7 electric luxury sedan, worth a staggering Rs 2 crore. The news of her purchase spread like wildfire after two videos surfaced on YouTube, capturing the stunning actress with her new ride.

In the first video, uploaded by Cinetalks247 on their channel, Jacqueline was spotted leaving a clinic in Bandra, Mumbai, comfortably seated in the rear seat of her prized BMW i7. The actress in this video was spotted wearing a mask during her visit. Apart from this, there has been another spotting of the popular Bollywood actress and in this second video, shared by BollywoodViral73 on YouTube, Jacqueline  Fernandez was seen arriving at actor Sonu Sood’s birthday party.

The All-Electric BMW i7 Luxury Sedan

The BMW i7 stands as the epitome of the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation, serving as their illustrious all-electric luxury flagship sedan. Positioned as the most opulent model in the i-series lineup of electric cars, the i7 flaunts a sleek and futuristic design, accentuated by a sizable low-sitting grille and a gracefully sloping roofline. It bears a striking resemblance to the latest generation ICE 7 Series, adorned with distinguishing blue highlights, new alloy wheels, and the iconic “i” insignia.

Step inside the i7, and one finds a striking similarity to the 7 Series’ flagship car of the latest generation. The infotainment system and instrument cluster boast elegant curved screens, measuring 12.3 inches and 14.9 inches respectively. With a full-width light band and BMW’s advanced iDrive 8 operating system, the i7 ensures an immersive driving experience. Notably, the roof of the i7 hosts a foldable 31.3-inch, 8K “cinema” screen, perfect for video streaming via Amazon Fire TV. The back doors house a 5.5-inch touchscreen, offering convenient control over the infotainment system, temperature settings, and seats.

Jacqueline Fernandez Buys a New BMW i7 Electric Luxury Sedan Worth Rs 2 Crore

Powering the formidable BMW i7 is a dynamic duo of electric motors, one per axle in the i7 xDrive 60 variant. Together, they generate a jaw-dropping 544 horsepower and a remarkable 745 Nm of torque. The i7 relies on a robust 101.7 kWh lithium-ion battery, boasting a commendable range of 591 to 625 km in the WLTP cycle. With a top speed of 239 kph and an astounding 0 to 100 kph acceleration time of under 4.7 seconds, the i7 certainly lives up to BMW’s exceptional claims.

Charging the electric 7 series is a breeze, supporting up to 195kW of DC power or up to 11kW of AC power. Using the latter method, the i7’s batteries can be charged from 10% to 80% in an estimated 34 minutes. One notable feature that sets the i7 apart is its ability to offer both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations, achieved through the use of one or two electric motors, depending on the model.

With its awe-inspiring features and unrivaled performance, the BMW i7 commands a price of Rs 1.95 crore (ex-showroom). Positioned in a competitive market, it rivals the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 (Rs 1.55 crore, ex-showroom), the Porsche Taycan (with a price range of Rs 1.53 crore to Rs 2.34 crore, ex-showroom), and the Audi e-tron GT (priced at Rs 1.70 crore, ex-showroom).

The Generosity of Jacqueline Fernandez

Beyond her dazzling charm, Jacqueline Fernandez has showcased her kindness and generosity by gifting a brand-new Toyota Innova Crysta to one of her staff members. A recent viral video captured the heartwarming moment, as her staff member broke a coconut to welcome the new car. The recipient, an integral part of Jacqueline’s team since the start of her career, received the thoughtful gift on the auspicious festival of Dussherrah last year. This is not the first time Jacqueline has bestowed a car upon her team members. Previously, she gifted a brand-new Jeep Compass SUV to her make-up artist, illustrating her affection and appreciation for those who support her journey in the entertainment industry.

Jacqueline’s love for cars extends beyond her generous gifts. Besides the newly acquired BMW i7, she proudly owns a Jeep Compass, a Range Rover Vogue, and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class S500. Known for her penchant for luxury, she often opts for the S-Class for her travel needs. Additionally, Jacqueline has been spotted riding motorcycles, showcasing her passion for automobiles.