Jaggi Vasudev ‘Sadhguru’ reveals why he used BMW K1600 GT for 30,000 km journey

Jaggi Vasudev, who is popularly known as Sadhguru loves motorcycles. Last year, the spiritual leader made a 30,000 km journey across the world to create environmental awareness. During the journey, Sadhguru used the BMW K1600 GT to ride through all the countries around the world. However, in the Middle-East leg, he used the Honda Africa Twin. Sadhguru revealed why he loves riding the 350 kg BMW K1600 GT.

In an interview with Asianet, Sadhguru said,

If I have to do another 10,000 now, definitely this is my choice. Because of the inline-six engine, there is simply no vibration. The right hand is just fine even after riding for six, seven hours non-stop. Even when we rode like four-and-a-half hours from one gas station to another, there was no buzz or numbness in the hand, which is incredible.

The BMW K 1600 GT was never officially launched in India. However, its more loaded sibling, the K 1600 GTL came with a price tag of Rs 30 lakh, on-road. In the USA, the bike that Jaggi Vasudev is riding costs around Rs 17 lakh in Indian rupees but importing it to India will increase the cost by more than double due to the taxes. He chose the same bike to ride across North America too. He completed a journey of 10,000 miles or 16,000 km.

Sadhguru also says that he faced issues with the front tires in Austria. Since it was raining in that region, the bike did not find much grip on the roads.

BMW K1600 GT

Jaggi Vasudev ‘Sadhguru’ reveals why he used BMW K1600 GT for 30,000 km journey

It comes powered by a massive 1.6-litre, 6-cylinder, in-line engine. It generates a maximum power of 160 PS and a peak torque of 174 Nm. The bike is loaded with features like electric fuel injection with a ride-by-wire system and it can reach a maximum speed of more than 200 km/h. The stopping power comes from dual-floating disc brakes with four-piston fixed-position callipers in the front and a rear single-disc brake in the rear.

This is one of the most luxurious and heaviest motorcycles that he has been spotted riding in recent times.  The BMW K 1600 GT weighs a massive 350 kg but since the weight distribution is towards the front, it is extremely stable on the straight highways, which makes it a perfect choice for cross-country rides.

Sadhguru is a major motorcycle fanatic and has been riding since his young days. In an interview, he revealed that he had a Yamaha RD 350 during his college days and used to ride across India on it. In the past, he took a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled with Baba Ramdev. He has also been spotted with a BMW R1200 GS and various dirt bikes riding around the world.