2.5 crore, brand new Jaguar F-Type SEIZED on the spot for driving without number plate, documents

In India, the number of imported vehicles has risen by quite much in the recent past. However, due to the extremely high import taxes, the buyers have to shell out a lot to drive around in such high-end vehicles. Even after paying the import taxes, the buyers have to pay huge amount of money to register the vehicle and make it road-worthy! To escape shelling out such large amounts of money, many get their vehicles registered at a different location, especially from nearby Union Territories where the taxes are much lower than states. However, here is a bizarre incident where the owner of a Jaguar F-Type Convertible.

According to the news report, the Valsad Traffic Police of Gujarat stopped a new Jaguar F-Type convertible car during a routine check post. The car was without a registration number and when the cops asked for the registration documents and other relevant documents for the vehicle, the owner could not produce it. The cops then seized the vehicle on the spot. The driver failed to provide any satisfactory information for not providing the documents on the spot.

The owner of the vehicle said that the car was bought from Ahmedabad. It has done only 490 km according to the odometer, which makes it a recently purchased car. However, the cops did not provide any information on how old the vehicle is. It seems that the vehicle is only a few days or even a few weeks old vehicle.

The cops will take legal action on the owner of the car. The police are currently investigating the case jointly with the RTO and trying to get all the details. It is not known if the vehicle is registered or it is plying without a registration. The car belongs to Bipin Patel from Valsad and when the cops stopped the vehicle, it was being driven by his son, Mayan.  The car is currently with the cops and is booked under section 207.

2.5 crore, brand new Jaguar F-Type SEIZED on the spot for driving without number plate, documents

It should be noted that any type of vehicle on public roads should have a registration number. Now there are a few types of registration numbers including permanent, which is something that all the vehicles have to get eventually. New cars can also be seen with Transfer Certificates (TC) that are red in colour. These types of registrations are not allowed to be used by the customers and are strictly for the use of the dealerships but there are many cars who use the TC numbers.

The RTO also offers temporary registration that can be used for one month after the sale of the vehicle and till the vehicle gets the permanent registration details. In the past, many cases of luxury car owners using fake addresses to register their vehicles at Union Territories came up but the cops seized the vehicles and made sure that the owners pay the full registration tax that applicable at the place of residence.