Jaguar XF luxury sedan hits buffalo at high-speed: Here’s the result

Stray animals on Indian roads contribute to many accidents. Here’s one more such incident involving a high-end Jaguar luxury sedan and a buffalo.

What happened here?

Jaguar XF crash 1

The Jaguar XF in question was on a highway near Shimoga. Close to a place called Ayanur, a buffalo strayed onto the road. The driver couldn’t stop the car soon enough, and the vehicle hit the buffalo. From the pictures and the damage sustained, it seems that the car was traveling at high-speed before it hit the buffalo.

While other details about this accident remain obscure, it’s likely that the passengers of the Jaguar would have escaped with their lives. The buffalo may not have not been as lucky. Soon after the hit, the car seems to have veered off the road. The picture indicate that the damage to the car was significant.

The front end of the car (likely to be the first point of impact) shows significant damage, and the roof also shows major damage. Generally, when a car hits an animal as large as a buffalo head-on, it lands on the roof. This explains why the roof shows so much damage despite the car not rolling over.

Jaguar XF crash 2

Key takeaways from this accident

Stray animals are common on Indian roads and highways. Why, stray animals are known to enter even access controlled roads such as expressways. Knowing that Indian roads are very dangerous, it always helps to be extra cautious while on them.

Stray animals are unpredictable. If you see stray animals on the road, slow down to a crawl and let them pass. While slowing down, indicate adequately to traffic behind you wherever possible. Also, keep an eye out on sign boards that indicate animal/cattle crossings, and be extra cautious in such stretches. Limiting speed on such stretches greatly helps.

Jaguar XF crash 3

Avoid state highways and non-access controlled roads at night. Such roads have a high probability of stray animals either crossing or sitting on the road. If you have no option but to use such roads at night, make sure that you limit speed and have powerful headlamps on your car.

Via Team-BHP