Jaguar XJ luxury sedan gets stuck on massive Mumbai speed breaker: Locals to the rescue [Video]

Driving a luxury car on Indian roads is a tedious task in several ways. From avoiding the unwanted attention from other motorists to dodging the bad roads and speed breakers, luxury car and sports car owners have to go through a lot of ordeals. While driving luxury SUVs is still a practical option, the same can’t be said about low-slung sedans and sports cars. And this has been proved by a recent incident from Mumbai, in which a Jaguar XJ stuck over a speed breaker.


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The said incident has been detailed by an Instagram user named ‘simplysid08’ on his account through a video, in which he shows how a Jaguar XJ got stuck over a large speed breaker on a busy road in Mumbai. In the video, we can see that the XJ sedan stuck over the speed breaker from its middle portion. Despite a lot of attempts by the XJ’s driver, the car failed to cross the speed breaker, with its rear wheels continuing to spin at every attempt.

The video also shows how other motorists and passers-by came to the rescue of the Jaguar XJ driver. The people who gathered around the XJ to help its driver helped him by pushing the car so that it inches ahead and goes past the speed breaker. After several attempts, the Jaguar XJ managed to cross the speed breaker and evade further damages and ordeals.

This incident of the Jaguar XJ getting stuck over a speed breaker has brought the issues surrounding bad infrastructure and roads even in metropolitan cities like Mumbai. Despite being the largest and most populous city in India with a high per capita income, Mumbai has always suffered from the issues of bad roads and traffic congestion.

Most Indian roads are not optimum for low-slung cars

Jaguar XJ luxury sedan gets stuck on massive Mumbai speed breaker: Locals to the rescue [Video]

With unbearable potholes and huge speed breakers over many roads, driving on the roads of Mumbai can be a nightmare for luxury car and sports car owners. Even though India now has more luxury and sports car owners than ever before, the lack of proper infrastructure to drive such vehicles is still a bothering issue.

As seen in the video, a luxury car with a ground clearance as low as the Jaguar XJ can get royally stuck over a speed breaker if it is not driven with the correct technique. To avoid such instances, such cars with low ground clearance should be driven diagonally over speed breakers, so that their underbody doesn’t come into contact with them.

A few weeks ago, a Kia Seltos got stuck on a poorly designed speed breaker in India. Speedbreakers are not standardized in India. That’s the reason there is much of a difference in the size of the breakers as you travel across the country. Also, most speed breakers are not marked, which can cause massive accidents.