Jail time for people driving on the wrong side: Police begin registering criminal cases

Driving on the wrong side is a widespread practice in India. Though petty it may seem, such antics result in much more causalities every year than you may know. Here’s a video that shows how dangerous wrong side driving/riding can be, and why it’s a crime.

In a bid to stop this practice, the Pimpri Chinchwad police have started registering criminal cases under section 279 (rash driving) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against people who are found driving on the wrong side of the road. If convicted under section 279 of the IPC, a person may be fined Rs. 1,000 or imprisoned for up to six months or in the worst scenario, both. The Pune police are also contemplating a similar action against offenders.

The previous day saw Pimpri Chinchwad police whipping its lash fiercely resulting in 19 vehicle users being booked. The offenders included both two-wheelers and three-wheelers. They were charged with section 279 of the IPC and the police will soon file a charge sheet against them.

Jail time for people driving on the wrong side: Police begin registering criminal cases

This is a bold step to curb such practices but is also necessary. Wrong side driving is not even considered as an offence by many. Some do it for saving time, others because they just don’t want to travel that extra distance and then there are some who get the thrills out of it. Well, thrills is what they get after receiving a fast-track ticket to heaven.

Actually, driving on the wrong side is not only dangerous for the person who is doing such an offence but also for others. It creates ruckus and/or could result in severe casualties. Moreover, drivers using high beams at night and driving on the wrong side can cause the upcoming traffic to get momentarily blinded. Many times, people may not take the wrong way but when they see someone going up the wrong side, they follow suit.

So make sure you never become such an example that people get encouraged to drive on the wrong side because they saw you going through. Though a bit harsh, finally police officials are taking right steps towards bringing driving discipline in the country. Always follow rules while driving because it’s not only your life that is at risk but of other commuters too.