This is the car that James Bond is going to drive in his next movie [Video]

James Bond- The name reminds us of the action packed sequences, gunshots, a great villain, car chases and Mr. 007’s very own vehicle an Aston Martin. James Bond Movie series has featured many Aston Martin cars like DB5, DBS in the past. In one the upcoming James Bond film ‘No Time to Die’, a new Aston Martin will be featured. The car is known as Aston Martin Valhalla and is sportscar from the British car manufacturer. Here we have a video that shows how the new car for James Bond Movie looks like.

The video has been uploaded by Supercar Blondie on her youtube channel. The car was brought inside a trailer specially for the anchor. The car looks stunning and has all the traits of a supercar. The  Valhalla is mid-engined sports car that is based on the track based sportscar Aston Martin Valkyre. Valhalla is more of an sportscar that can be easily used on public roads. The video also mentions that Aston Martin has mentioned that this car would be used in the movie but it is not sure if it would be used by James Bond himself or some other supporting actor.

The video then shows, the front, side and rear of the Valhalla, According to the video bits like, headlights, centre console and switches have all been 3D printed to keep the weight of the car down. As it is a mid-engined sportscar, the engine is placed at the rear. Aston Martin has given a roof scoop to channel more air into the engine compartment. The carbon fibre spoiler bends itself at higher speeds to create more down force.

This is the car that James Bond is going to drive in his next movie [Video]

The rear of the car is designed in the shape of an eagle with it’s wings wide open. The sportscar does not ORVMs for better aerodynamics. Instead it has camera’s that will give the driver a view of the traffic or vehicles behind on the screen. On the inside, it has a spaceship like steering wheel with screens inside providing various information. The seats of the Valhalla is made from ballistic nylon  which is a military grade material.

The Valhalla is a hybrid super car and will be powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine producing around 1000 Ps of power. Aston Martin will only be making 500 units of Valhalla. This supercar will be featured along with DB5, DBS Superlegerra and Aston Martin V8 in the upcoming movie.