Jawa 300 motorcycle: Here’s what it sounds like!

We’re less than a week away from the unveil of a new range of retro-modern motorcycles from Jawa, a motorcycle brand that’s all set to make a comeback into India on the 15th of November, 2018. Here’s a teaser video that reveals the exhaust note of the Jawa 300.

As the video indicates, the Jawa 300 gets a throaty exhaust note that’s also quite unique. In fact, the exhaust note is quite distinctive, and it seems to be designed to mimic the exhaust note of two stroke Jawas and Yezdis of yore. While the exact exhaust note will be nearly impossible to recreate with a four stroke engine, we have to hand it to Jawa for coming so close.

This retro-motorcycle makes seems to be taking ‘retro’ very seriously, and it’s a good thing. It’s not only the engine that looks period correct but also the distinct exhaust note that will give the Jawa 300 range of motorcycle a very retro appeal. For now, we know that Jawa has plans of unveiling not one, not two but three retro motorcycles. One will be styled like the Jawa Classic of yesteryears, and the other will be a retro-modern Scrambler.

Jawa 300 motorcycle: Here’s what it sounds like!

The design of the third motorcycle remains a mystery for now. All three motorcycles will use the same 293cc, four stroke, single cylinder engine with two functional exhausts exiting from either side of the engine. The motor will make about 26 Bhp-28 Nm, and will get twin overhead camshafts, a four valve head, liquid cooling and fuel injection. The styling of the engine is quite retro though despite all the modern mechanicals it hosts.

While the classic-styled Jawa 300 will get lots of chrome and a very retro design, the Scrambler is expected get a high seat, high travel suspension and more contemporary look. Vintage design touches on the Jawa 300 include a chromed fuel tank, boat-style mudguards and spoked wheels.

Spyshots of the motorcycle have also revealed a front disc brake and a rear drum brake. Suspension components consist of telecopic front forks and gas charged rear shock absorbers. On the Jawa Scramber, upside down front forks and a monoshock rear are likely. Both motorcycles are likely to be priced at well under Rs. 2 lakhs. They’ll compete with Royal Enfields in India.