Jawa 300cc engine revealed: Royal Enfield, watch out!

The now Mahindra owned Jawa brand has revealed engine details of its upcoming Royal Enfield challenger. According to the company, the engine has been developed from grounds up and is BSVI ready. Classic Legends, the banner under which Mahindra has taken control of Jawa and BSA, recently revealed the details.

Jawa Engine 1

According to Classic legends, the upcoming Jawa motorcycle will be powered by a 293cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor that will be equipped with dual overhead camshafts. The company says that the engine has been developed in Varese, Italy, where Mahindra’s racing operations are based.

The development has also been done in the company’s Pune R&D facility. The 293cc motor will churn out 27 Bhp and 28Nm of peak torque, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The highlight of the engine, however, will be generous mid-range and a flat torque curve. Another notable aspect kept in mind during R&D process was to create a resemblance to the original Jawa’s exhaust note.

Jawa Engine 1

Mahindra’s own Mojo also has a 300cc motor but the new Jawa engine has nothing in common according to the company. In contrast to the Jawa engine specifications, the Mojo XT 300 is powered by a 295cc single-cylinder motor that makes  27 Bhp and 30 Nm. The original Jawa engine design has been very well created in a new style and the retro modern unit will sure give a moment of nostalgia to many.


Commenting on the occasion, the company said,

The brief we took upon ourselves was always to build an engine that had the Jawa DNA. Classic, yet sporty. And it was clear, if anything, it had to be free revving. Working closely with one of the world’s leading engine specialist at the technical center in Varese, Italy, not only did we build an engine with a near flat torque curve and generous mid-range, but also a motor strong enough to last a lifetime. Piece by piece bringing together Classic and Sporty all in one!

With retro modern bikes from Royal Enfield gaining ground in our market, it will be good to see the age old rivalry of Royal Enfield and Jawa in action again. With Jawa coming up with such a retro design for its engine, it’s very likely that the motorcycle brand will take aim straight at Royal Enfield.

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