India’s FIRST Jawa 42 with modified exhaust: What it sounds like [Video]

Many motorcycle makers offer after market exhausts that are meant to improve performance and the exhaust note. India’s newest motorcycle maker – the resurrected Jawa – has come up with a new exhaust for the Jawa 42. This exhaust is also expected to be a direct fit for the Jawa 300 model as both bikes share the same engine and transmission. The modified exhaust sounds much better than the stock unit. Hear it for yourself.

It must be noted that the modified exhaust that Jawa could offer as an aftermarket accessory may not meet noise regulations, and could be intended for off-road use only. This is expected to be the official line of the company, and we believe that most buyers will switch to the aftermarket exhaust soon after purchase. A good thing about the aftermarket, modified exhaust is that it looks very similar to the stock unit, and it’s not excessively loud.

So, most cops on the road are unlikely to bother with the modified exhaust on the Jawa if the same design and minor increase in noise levels are maintained. We have seen this happen with Royal Enfield motorcycles. A lot of owners opt for the ‘short bottle’ exhaust, which offers more thump than the stock exhaust, while not being excessively loud. In terms of design, the ‘short bottle’ exhaust looks similar to the stock unit.

India’s FIRST Jawa 42 with modified exhaust: What it sounds like [Video]

Meanwhile, starting tomorrow, offline bookings for the Jawa and Jawa 42 motorcycles will begin at dealerships across the country. Test rides of these motorcycles are also expected to begin shortly. Actual deliveries though, will happen only from early next year. Also, Jawa will start selling the Perak bobber variant from sometime next year, and bookings for the same will open in 2019.

The Jawa and Jawa 42 will be powered by a 293cc, four stroke engine derived from the Mojo. This motor has undergone various changes to suit the retro character of the Jawa motorcycles. Changes include better low end torque and a characteristic exhaust note. Liquid cooling, fuel injection, twin overhead camshafts and a four valve head are the modern bits on this short stroke engine. It makes 27 Bhp-28 Nm.

A big bore version of this engine, displacing 332cc, will power the Perak bobber. The big bore version of the motor will make 30 Bhp-31 Nm. Both tunes of the engine will be paired to 6 speed manual gearboxes as standard. The Jawa and 42 motorcycles on sale will get single channel ABS as standard. The Perak is expected to get dual channel ABS given the presence of a disc brake on its rear wheel.

For the foreseeable future, Jawa will offer these three motorcycles to buyers who want a mix of retro style and modern mechanicals. The motorcycle range will be expanded steadily. For now, the company is focusing on delivering excellent customer service in order to carve out a niche in the highly competitive Indian motorcycle market. Expect to see the first Jawa four stroke motorcycles on Indian roads shortly.