Jawa 42 Review: A Classic Cruiser with Modern Flair


When it comes to cruiser bikes, the Jawa 42 stands out with its distinctive presence and nostalgic appeal. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Jawa motorcycles of the past, this modern iteration retains the essence of classic design while incorporating contemporary features. The Jawa 42 aims to cater to riders who appreciate the laid-back cruiser riding style and seek a bike that exudes character and individuality.

Jawa 42 Review: A Classic Cruiser with Modern Flair


Styling and Visual Appeal

The Jawa 42 is a visual treat, showcasing a harmonious blend of retro and modern elements. The bike’s overall silhouette pays homage to the classic cruiser shape, with a long, low stance and sweeping lines. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank, with its chrome embellishments and Jawa logo, adds a touch of nostalgia. The round headlight, bar-end mirrors, and spoked wheels further contribute to the bike’s vintage charm.

The attention to detail in the Jawa 42’s design is commendable. The quality of the paint finish is excellent, with deep, glossy colors that accentuate the bike’s curves. The chrome accents on the exhaust, mirrors, and other components are well-executed, adding a premium touch. The overall craftsmanship is impressive, with precise fit and finish throughout.


Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Jawa 42 lies a 293cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. This modern powerplant delivers a peak power of 27.32 PS and a maximum torque of 26.84 Nm. The engine is known for its strong low-end and mid-range torque, which is essential for the relaxed cruiser riding style.

The fuel-injected engine offers smooth and responsive throttle control, making the Jawa 42 a joy to ride in various conditions. The exhaust note is throaty and adds to the bike’s character without being overly loud. The liquid cooling system ensures optimal engine temperature management, contributing to consistent performance.

Jawa 42 Review: A Classic Cruiser with Modern Flair

Attribute Jawa 42
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled
Displacement 293 cc
Peak Power 27.32 PS
Max Torque 26.84 Nm
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection
Cooling System Liquid Cooled

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Jawa 42 prioritizes rider comfort, offering a relaxed and upright seating position. The single seat is well-cushioned and provides ample support for long rides. The handlebar is set at a comfortable height, allowing for a natural reach and reducing fatigue. The footpegs are positioned forward, enabling a laid-back riding posture.


The suspension setup, consisting of telescopic hydraulic forks at the front and gas canister twin shock hydraulics at the rear, effectively absorbs road imperfections. The suspension is tuned to strike a balance between comfort and stability, ensuring a plush ride quality.

Jawa 42 Review: A Classic Cruiser with Modern Flair

Attribute Jawa 42
Seat Type Single
Suspension Front Telescopic Hydraulic Fork
Suspension Rear Gas Canister – Twin shock hydraulic
Saddle Height 765 mm

Ride Quality and Handling

The Jawa 42’s ride quality is impressive, thanks to its well-engineered chassis and suspension setup. The double cradle frame provides a stable and confident ride, even at higher speeds. The bike’s weight distribution is well-balanced, contributing to its agile handling characteristics.

In terms of braking, the Jawa 42 is equipped with dual-channel ABS, ensuring effective and safe stopping power. The front and rear disc brakes offer progressive and responsive braking, inspiring confidence in various riding situations.


Attribute Jawa 42
Frame Double Cradle
ABS Dual Channel
Kerb Weight 172 kg
Wheelbase 1369 mm

Customization and Aftermarket Support

The Jawa 42 offers ample opportunities for customization, allowing owners to personalize their bikes according to their preferences. The availability of aftermarket parts and accessories is extensive, ranging from performance upgrades to aesthetic enhancements.

Jawa Motorcycles has a dedicated network of dealerships and service centers across India, ensuring easy access to spare parts and maintenance support. The brand’s strong presence in the market instills confidence in owners regarding the long-term ownership experience.

Jawa 42 Review: A Classic Cruiser with Modern Flair

Real-World Riding Experience and Touring Capabilities

The Jawa 42 shines as a capable touring machine, offering a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience over long distances. The bike’s ergonomics, combined with its smooth engine and plush suspension, make it well-suited for extended rides.

The 14-liter fuel tank provides a decent range, allowing for longer stretches between fuel stops. While the Jawa 42 may not come equipped with factory-fitted luggage solutions, aftermarket options are readily available to enhance its touring practicality.

Attribute Jawa 42
Fuel Capacity 14 L

Value and Ownership

The Jawa 42 is competitively priced within the cruiser segment, offering excellent value for its features and performance. The bike’s build quality is impressive, with robust components and attention to detail. Jawa Motorcycles has a reputation for reliability, instilling confidence in potential buyers.

Jawa 42 Review: A Classic Cruiser with Modern Flair


When compared to its competitors, the Jawa 42 stands out with its unique blend of classic styling and modern technology. It offers a compelling package that appeals to riders who prioritize style, comfort, and a relaxed riding experience.

Attribute Jawa 42
Price Range Rs. 1,98,142
Variant Names and Prices
  • Jawa 42 Single Tone: Rs. 1,98,142
  • Jawa 42 Dual Tone: Rs. 1,98,142
Number of Variants 2


The Jawa 42 is a remarkable cruiser bike that successfully captures the essence of classic design while incorporating modern features and performance. Its captivating styling, smooth engine, and comfortable ergonomics make it a compelling choice for cruiser enthusiasts.

While the Jawa 42 excels in many aspects, there are a few areas where it could be improved. The absence of certain modern features, such as a digital instrument cluster or LED lighting, may be a drawback for some buyers. Additionally, the bike’s limited storage options could be a concern for those planning extended tours.

Despite these minor shortcomings, the Jawa 42 remains a strong contender in the cruiser segment. It offers a unique and charismatic riding experience that sets it apart from its competitors. For riders who prioritize style, comfort, and a connection to the rich heritage of Jawa Motorcycles, the Jawa 42 is a worthy consideration.