Jawa 42 converted into a tasteful Scrambler motorcycle

Jawa motorcycles were re-launched in the Indian market few years ago. Just like the older Jawa, the new one also became popular and these motorcycles have a long waiting period. Jawa initially had launched Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 and later launched a factory custom bobber Jawa Perak. Several modification options are already available for the classic Jawa and Jawa 42 and here we have one such video that shows how a beautifully a Jawa 42 has been converted into a scrambler styled motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by Infoarun vlogs on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing two Jawa 42 motorcycles that have been modified to look like a scrambler. The vlogger shows what all has been modified on the bike to give it a scrambler look and feel. Starting with the olive green Jawa 42. It gets an alloy wheel and the front forks now have more travel than the stock version. Moving up, the stock headlight has been replaced with an aftermarket projector unit with an LED DRL ring in it. The instrument cluster has also been aligned to the centre of the handlebar.

The handlebar on the Olive green Jawa 42 is modified and gives it a more upright riding stance. The tyres are meant to take off-road bits and to protect the engine and radiator, there is a custom made radiator grille as well. The other Jawa 42 in the video retains the spoke wheels but gets off-road tyres and has the stock handlebar as well. Apart from that, both motorcycles have similar modifications done to them.

Jawa 42 converted into a tasteful Scrambler motorcycle

Both motorcycles are installed with an aftermarket twin exhaust pipe which has a throaty note to it. The rear suspension on both the motorcycle have also been raised and that has resulted in increased ground clearance. The olive green version also gets one more addition which the other Jawa 42 misses out. The modifier has installed a rear disc brake which has resulted in better breaking performance.

The front mudguard, bend pipe and the exhaust all get a matte black finish. The rear fender has also been slightly chopped and an aftermarket LED tail light has been installed too. The vlogger then talks about the price of these modifications and according to the video, the cost of modifying Jawa 42 into a scrambler is between Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000. The overall time required to finish such a project is around 10-15 days.

Notably, Classic Legends – the company that builds and markets the Jawa range of retro motorcycles in India and specific parts of the world – is said to be working on a Scrambler version off the Jawa 42. In fact, a ride that the company organized for journalists did have Scrambler-styled bikes built by a Mumbai-based custom motorcycle builder. The version that Classic Legends will build is likely to be more functional, with longer travel suspension and off-road worthy bits.