Jawa 42 vs Royal Enfield 350 Classic exhaust notes: Hear the difference [Video]

Royal Enfield for long has remained the sole manufacturer to offer the modern-vintage bike in the market. The popular segment now has enough players including the latest entrant – Jawa bikes. While both Jawa and Royal Enfield offer the similar retro-modern type of motorcycles in the segment, there is a huge difference between the exhaust note of both the bikes. Here is a video showing the stark difference between the exhaust note of both the bikes.

Jawa 42 Vs Royal Enfield Classic 350

The new age Jawa bikes are powered by the 4-stroke engine, unlike the old Jawa bikes that were offered in the market. The good old sound of the 2-stroke Jawa bikes is extremely difficult to re-create with the modern 4-stroke engine but the brand has done an exceptional job to bring the sound close to the original stock sound.

The video shows the stark difference between the Jawa 42’s exhaust note and the Classic 350’s exhaust note. The Jawa 42 offers a rumbling sound while the Royal Enfield offers thumping sound. Even though both the motorcycles are powered by the single-cylinder engine, there is a lot of difference in the way both the engines operate.

The Royal Enfield Unit Construction Engines (UCE) get long stroke engine that makes the engine piston move slowly and give a distinctive slow thump. The engine that powers the Jawa is a short stroke, which moves quicker than the Royal Enfield’s engine and creates a different sound. The Jawa engines also get dual exhaust, which dissipates the exhaust fumes quicker than the single-exhaust set-up.

The long stroke engine as seen in the Royal Enfield bikes have a much lower average piston speed. It takes more time to complete the cycle, which allows more time between the cycles to create a loud thump, which has become signature of the Royal Enfield bikes. The Jawa bikes, on the other hand, get a more rev-friendly engine that completes the combustion cycle quicker and creates a unique rumble. The longer stroke engine also burns more fuel and uses more air, which creates a bigger blast inside the engine chamber while the short stroke engine creates engine blasts, which are not that loud. The long stroke engines produce a better torque while the shorter stroke engine creates more power and more rev-friendly.

Jawa 42 vs Royal Enfield 350 Classic exhaust notes: Hear the difference [Video]

Jawa has currently launched two all-new bikes in the Indian market with the third bike launching later this year. Both the Jawa and Jawa 42 have become quite popular in the market and Jawa has officially suspended the online bookings till September 2019 due to the overwhelming response from the market. Jawa will start delivering the bikes from March 2019 and the current the backlogs are expected to be cleared by the September 2019.