Jawa 42 vs Royal Enfield Classic in a drag race on video

Royal Enfield has been a brand that is quite popular among the buyers and has a cult foolowing in the country. It is known for its retro styling, cruising and signature thumb sound from the exhaust. Another legendary bike that was re-introduced in the Indian market over an year ago is the Jawa. It was known for the iconic sound of the 2-stroke engine, ride comfort and the twin exhaust pipes that made it look more like a fast bike. Here we have a video, that does a drag race between Royal Enfield Classic and Jawa 42 motorcycle to find out which one is faster.

The video has been uploaded by Bullet Guru on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing both the motorcycles and the race is conducted in two rounds. Riders choose a straight stretch of road for the race and start the race. First round of the race both the motorcycle get a rolling start and within no time, Jawa 42 takes the lead and maintains it till the end. Royal Enfield Classic is revving it hard but could not overtake the Jawa 42.

In round two, the race starts and the same Jawa takes the lead again. The Classic can be seen struggling to take up the lead but all the efforts were in vain and Jawa 42 wins the race again. Jawa 42 had one both the races unanimously and the Royal Enfield Classic did not even stand a chance.

Jawa 42 vs Royal Enfield Classic in a drag race on video

Why did that happen?. Even though the Royal Enfield Classic has a bigger engine than that of the Jawa 42, it generates way less power than that of Jawa motorcycles. Royal Enfield has a torque rich motor but that is still no match to the power produced by Jawa. Another factor could be the weight. Jawa 42 is way more lighter than that of the Royal Enfield Classic. This doesn’t mean Royal Enfield Classic is a bad motorcycle. It is made for cruising rather than high speed highway runs.

Royal Enfield Classic is powered by a 346-cc, unit construction engine that generates 19.8 Bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of peak torque. It’s an old school, long stroke air cooled engine with a dose of modernity in the form of hydraulic tappets and fuel injection. The Jawa 42 on the other hand is powered by a 293-cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine that generates 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The motor gets a four valve head operated through twin overhead camshafts.