Ahead of Jawa deliveries, company to auction motorcycles to support Armed Forces Martyr’s children

Jawa will auction a bunch of motorcycles ahead of actual customer deliveries, which will happen next week. The  proceeds of the auction are meant to support the children of armed forces martyrs. This gesture from Jawa was  announced on Twitter. More details about the Jawa auction will be revealed in the coming days now that the actual  customer deliveries of the Jawa range of motorcycles – Classic and 42 – will begin before the end of March 2019.  Meanwhile, here’s the tweet that Jawa Motorcycles’ official handle put out,

In November 2018, just a day after arch-rival Royal Enfield launched the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650  twins, Jawa launched three new retro motorcycles in India. The three Jawas that were introduced in November were the Classic, 42 and the Perak. While the Jawa 42 is the entry level model, with a price tag of Rs. 1.55 lakhs, the  Classic sits a little higher, at a price of Rs. 1.63 lakhs. The Perak hardtail bobber is the top-end motorcycle in the range, and its prices start from Rs. 1.89 lakhs.

Ahead of Jawa deliveries, company to auction motorcycles to support Armed Forces Martyr’s children

However, the actual customer deliveries of the Jawa Perak will happen by the end of 2019. From this week, Jawa  dealers across the country will begin delivering the 42 and Classic to those customers who have already pre-booked  these motorcycles. Notably, bookings have been suspended until September 2019 as Jawa intends to first finish  delivering the backlog of motorcycles whose bookings have already been accepted by dealers across the country. The Jawa 42 and Classic that will be delivered to customers before July 2019 will feature single channel ABS braking.

After July 2019, Jawa plans to introduce dual channel ABS on both the 42 and Classic. This change comes after a lot  of customers demanded dual channel ABS on Jawa motorcycles. For those who are waiting for bookings to recommence, it will be a good idea to opt for the dual channel ABS equipped Jawas as this technology is more safer than single channel ABS. Also, stopping distance are reduced more with a dual channel ABS than with a single channel ABS. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) a life saving safety feature. So, it’s important to go for the best available option.

Meanwhile, the Jawa 300 and the 42 share the engine and gearbox. The motor in question is a 292cc, four stroke single cylinder unit with 27 Bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of peak torque. The engine is derived from the Mahindra Mojo’s motor, but has been reworked heavily for higher low end torque – similar to what the original Jawas used to offer. The engine gets dual exhausts, fuel injection, a four valve head and twin overhead camshafts. The gearbox is a 6 speed unit but there’s no slipper clutch on offer. The Jawa Perak will get a big bore version of this engine,  displacing 334cc, and making 31 Bhp-32 Nm. The gearbox will be carried over though.