No more Online bookings for Jawa Motorcycles till September 2019

Jawa Motorcycles has announced that they have received an overwhelming response towards the Jawa and the Jawa Forty-Two and from 25th December midnight, online bookings would be closed for the bikes. Jawa will re-open the bookings in September 2019 and new buyers would not be able to buy both the bikes before that. That said, customers can walk into showrooms and book their favourite Jawas offline.

No more Online bookings for Jawa Motorcycles till September 2019

Jawa announced the launch of three all-new bikes in the Indian market. Two of these bikes are currently on sale while the top-of-the-line model would go on sale at a later date. Jawa and the Jawa Forty-Two are sold out as per the company. The bookings for both the bikes started on 15th November. Even though the manufacturer has not shared the number of bookings received by the company, it is expected that thousands have booked the all-new, retro bikes in the Indian market.

The Jawa Forty-Two is the entry-level bike from the brand and is priced at Rs. 1.55 lakhs, ex-showroom. The Jawa is priced at Rs. 1.64 lakhs. Jawa also announced that later date, the Perak model would be launched officially. However, they have announced the price of the bike and carries a price tag of Rs. 1.89 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi.

 Anupam Thareja, Co-Founder, Classic Legends Pvt Ltd. said,

“With such a tremendous response, it is my duty to inform the customers that we are sold out till September 2019 based on the current online bookings. Authenticity and honesty have been the hallmark of the brand. With such a large booking order, Jawa believes it is only fair to announce the waiting period for those with confirmed bookings. The current waiting period for online bookings already extends till September 2019 however the deliveries will start from March 2019 as per the booking sequence. The company will soon send out a communication directly informing every customer about their delivery timeline. We will work on ramping up our production to reduce the waiting period, but the quality is paramount for us and we request patience and understanding from Jawa fans. The wait we promise will be worth it,”

Jawa is still working on the bikes and is expected to start the deliveries by March 2019. As per the co-founder of the brand, the current bookings will take time till September 2018 to clear out. Jawa is also inaugurating the 100+ dealership network across the country. By 15th February 2019 Jawa is planning open as many as 105 dealerships across India.

No more Online bookings for Jawa Motorcycles till September 2019

The dealerships across India would not take bookings but they will provide the experience a Jawa customer seeks. As per the announcement, the Jawa dealerships would continue to offer test-rides to the prospective customers so that they get to know the product before buying it. Jawa initially launched the single-channel ABS version of both the bikes but after the customer demand, dual-channel ABS with rear disc brake was launched and it is priced Rs. 9,000 more than the regular version of the bike.