Jawa Forty Two retro motorcycle re-imagined as an electric motorcycle: New render

These days, car and two wheeler manufacturers across the world are concentrating more on building zero emission vehicles or fully electric vehicles. Many mainstream car manufacturers such as Hyundai, MG Motor and Tata Motors have even launched some of their fully electric cars in the market recently. The two-wheeler space is also seeing electric vehicle launches such as the TVS iQube, Ather, Bajaj Chetak and so on. Here we have a new render image from an artist who has re-imagined the popular Jawa motorcycle in an electric avatar. Jawa motorcycles made their re-entry into the Indian market back in 2018 and they currently have 3 models in their line up. The motorcycle used here for creating the render is Jawa 42.

Jawa Forty Two retro motorcycle re-imagined as an electric motorcycle: New render

The image has been shared by IAB on their website. Jawa had already announced that they are currently working on a new electric motorcycle and that is why this render is relevant. Jawa’s future electric motorcycle will be a modern motorcycle without loosing the retro feel. The artist has picked the Jawa Forty Two for the purpose. From the looks of it, Jawa 42 electric looks very similar to the petrol powered version that is currently on sale in the market.

The motorcycle uses the same body panels, headlamps, instrument cluster, chassis, front forks and suspension in the motorcycle. The only difference here is the engine. The place usually, the engine of a motorcycle is installed has been completely modified. It now gets a huge cover inside which the battery and the electric motor for the bike has been placed. In comparison to the petrol powered version, the electric version is likely to be a bit more heavier and in order to handle the weight, the chassis might be reinforced.

The front wheel on the bike use the same spoke wheels whereas the rear gets a huge hub which indicates that the electric version of the Jawa 42 might be using a belt drive, which is quite common on electric two wheelers. Jawa has not officially given out much information regarding the bike. The render looks quite neat and there is a possibility that the Jawa electric motorcycle might end up looking a lot like this. Currently, Classic Legends (the company that owns the Jawa and Yezdi brands in India) sells the Jawa Classic, Jawa 42 and the factory custom bobber – Jawa Perak – in its Indian line up.

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