Jawa Forty-Two vs TVS Apache 200 4V in a drag race face-off: Who Wins? [Video]

The TVS Apache 200 4V and the Jawa Forty-Two are two bikes that belong to different spectrums of the Indian biking scene. While the Apache 200 4V is a naked performance-oriented bike, the Jawa Forty-Two is a retro-styled city bike with good highway cruising abilities. The engine response, riding triangle, and ride characteristic of both the bikes are pretty different which is the reason they can’t be put on the same plate. However, just out of curiosity, the video below by Ayush Verma shows a drag race between the TVS Apache 200 4V and the Jawa Forty-Two. Let’s check out the video now to see which of them wins.

Before we talk about the conclusion, let’s talk about which bike would win on paper. The Jawa Forty-Two is clearly more powerful than the Apache 200 4V and also generated more torque. However, it also weighs around 21 kgs more than the lightweight Apache, something which can make a major difference in a drag race. Let’s now move on towards the result of this drag race and the factors involved behind the same.

A total of three rounds are conducted in the video, all of which are won by the Jawa Forty-Two. However, the Jawa Forty-Two won in the top-end knock and had this race been a quarter-mile drag, the results would have been different. In the first round, the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V takes the lead with the Jawa Forty-Two following closely behind. behind. In few moments Jawa Forty-Two starts gaining on the Apache and at about 137 Kmph, it overtakes Apache 200 4V to take the pole position.

Jawa Forty-Two vs TVS Apache 200 4V in a drag race face-off: Who Wins? [Video]

In the second round, the Jawa Forty-Two from the start itself with the Apache biting at its heels. The Apache then overtook the Jawa at a point but then it was again left behind by the Jawa. The third round was similar to the first one with the Apache taking the lead and the Jawa chasing it down to claim victory. What we can say from this video is that the Apache is faster than the Jawa off the line but the latter has a better top end. That is quite natural though since the Jawa Forty-Two is much more powerful than the Apache 200 4V.

Talking about the technical specifications, the Jawa Forty-Two is powered by a 293-cc, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine that produces a maximum of 27 Bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The liquid-cooled engine comes mated to a six-speed transmission and the bike weighs 170 kg. The TVS Apache 200 4V, on the other hand, is powered by a 197.5-cc, oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine that churns out 21 PS of power along with 17 Nm torque. The engine on the Apache 200 4V comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox along with a slipper clutch and the bike weighs 149 kgs.